Someone Stole My Name!

Someone stole my name!  I know I am probably not the only Cheryl Huffer in the world, but someone had the audacity to steal my name!

I once had this blog at  And then it was stolen!  No, do not open a new tab and look at the miscreant’s page!  Do not give them the satisfaction.  Keep reading and all will come to light.

About forty days into the 366 days of my 42nd year of life, I decided I wanted to buy a domain.  For a measly $22.00 a year, I could provide direct access to my blog instead of asking my followers (I think I had a whomping  50ish followers by then) to go through the generic WordPress page.

As a firm believer in Hollywood movies that show people being “discovered,” I knew this one change was going to lead me into the paid writer world.  My pIan was to write something  genius, have it go viral, and because I owned my own domain, some publisher or editor would easily find my brilliance and insist on flying me to New York and offer me a writing contract on the spot!

So, Life as I Understand It officially became available on in February 2012.  My foot traffic did increase, but that might have just been through my own marketing and WordPress access to users.  Thus, it worked, sort of.  It was easy to tell people how to find me.  However, besides for an amazing day in November when I was Freshly Pressed, I didn’t get much more than a hundred views a day.  Sure, my following increased, but my phone never rang, and like the bride left at the altar holding a bouquet too garish for any sophisticated wedding, I never did catch a big break.

Needlesstosay, I continued to write, and the next February, I renewed my domain.

My writing became sporadic, but still the next February, I renewed again.

And the next February…I let it lapse.  At that point, I hadn’t blogged in almost  a year, and people could surely reach me by means of WordPress once again.

A few months in, a faithful friend called me.  He said that he was trying to reference my blog to show it to someone.  Yet, he couldn’t find it.  It all but disappeared.

Frantic, I logged into WordPress and all my posts were still there, but the access points had changed to default, and it was more difficult to find.  I grappled with the necessity of having a domain; I decided it wasn’t necessary.

However, last year, I realized that my blog was funky.  I sentimentally went on to read “My Frank McCourt Moment,” one of my favorite pieces I have ever written, and I realized I couldn’t find it.  The website was haywire because my simple domain did not match well with the generic WordPress domain.  Fearing that I would lose some of my favorite stories to cyber space, I decided I needed my baby back.  I took out my handy-dandy green Citizens Bank Visa. I opened up the purchase page, I typed in my domain… and it was no longer available! had been bought!

Of course, I immediately opened a new window and found that some hacker stole everything: “Life as I Understand It.”  “Where Insight and Humor collide.”

My name!

My title!

My tagline!

The most egregious component of my stolen identity was that one of my blogs was still attached to the page– a little ditty I titled, “Say It Ain’t So, Joe;” and the only entry the rapscallion had written was about gaming.

I was besides myself.  I am not a gamer and I did not want my domain associated with a topic that had no understanding, no humor, and no insight.

So what is a girl to do when she has been wronged?  Rectify the wrong.  I bought a new name.  A better name.  The “org” makes it more swanky, don’t you think?

So here I am today–blogging once more.  I still have my tagline, my title, and my watchful eye.  So, feel free to keep reading and tell your friends. It’s an easy Google search away.

Oh, and if you cheated and looked, you already know– the other blogger who tried to steal my identity no longer exists.  The gamer lost the game!


Birthday Blog

Hi!  I started this blog on my 42nd birthday and committed to writing for one full year.  I wrote more than a year, and then I stopped.  I cannot lie, when I was writing every day, I couldn’t imagine life without it, but when I quit, it seemed impossible to return.

Recently, two former students who secretly found my blog while in my class, tweeted that they missed it, the blog.  I realized that I missed it, too.

Thus, on my 47th birthday (yes, I am not shy–  I am closer to fifty than forty), I have decided to give it a go, once again.

For my first blog in a while, I would like to share my conversation with Carson.

Hannah and Olivia want me to blog.

So blog.

I do miss it.

So blog.

I know, but my back hurts.

So blog from the iPad.

I don’t have anything to say.

Sure you do.

You’re right.  I could talk about my fear of yoga.

Fear of yoga?


What is your fear of yoga?



I’m afraid I will get into some pose that’s supposed to open me up, and it will literally, “Open me up.”


The fear is real!  I must admit though,  two of the most euphoric days of my life involve the blog.

Wait.  Two euphoric days?


Involve the blog.


Not Dad or me or Lizzie or Maggie.

Um, well, yeah, those days were euphoric, but they weren’t about me.

Mom, you birthed me.  That definitely was about you.

Yeah.  And you and dad.  And definitely dad. It started with him, hubba hubba!


Well, you started it.

I didn’t mean to start that?

Oh you didn’t.  Tequila may have.


Sorry.  Anyway, I just meant the blog gave me an accomplishment that was all mine.

What days then?

The day I was Freshly Pressed and my April Fools blog.  I never felt so giddy in my entire life.  Each time, I felt like I had accomplished something.  Really accomplished something.

So write.

Maybe.  I think I will shower first.

Oh good God, you are a procrastinator.

No. I am not.  I am not procrastinating.  I am blogging.  To anyone who reads, thank you!  I will try to make you laugh more than I make you cry.  God Bless!


Day 307: New Title/New Tagline

Wouldn’t you know, with 60 posts left in “The Year of the Blog”, I learned how to change the title of my page and add a tagline!  It’s not like I’m on WordPress a dozen times a day.  It’s not like I haven’t seen all of those other awesome blog sites with awesome titles.  It’s not like a sat around envious of other blogger’s cool names, wondering how they changed their title.  I mean, I have adored the nuance of titles like Becoming Cliche, 25toFly, and Jump for Joy, but I never knew how to have an ingenious title of my very own.

What I’d like you to believe is that I was just trying to be boldly ambiguous.  cherylhuffer— definitely lends itself to ambiguity.  Sure, it’s smart to try to attract people to a page with a snappy title, but if you don’t know how to do it, it’s a little difficult.  At best I hoped people would think, Who is this cherylhuffer? What does she have to say?

I learned this fun fact about changing the title and adding a tagline from The Daily Post.  For those of you not in the blogging community, The Daily Post is the blog I told to “F” off a few weeks ago.  They are some of the editors of Freshly Pressed.  After my rant, I decided to subscribe to their page so that I could further feel slighted by the blogging world because you know, I have felt that I have deserved some recognition for some time now.  However, I actually have found some of their ideas motivating, and obviously, informative (Case in Point: New Title).

Any who, what do you think of the title: Life As I Understand It?  Appropriate?  For 306 days, I have worked my way through memories, moments, anxieties, and laughter.  This blog is a commingling of all of my thoughts, my worries, my strengths, and my weaknesses.  It epitomizes my understanding of life and how I think I fit into this world.  The tag seemed equally poetic: Where Inspiration and Humor Collide.

It took me a few minutes to come up with this impressive appellation.  I tossed around a few ideas before I chose the one I did.  Thought you might like to peruse my other ideas.

  1. Cool Chicks Don’t Die, They Turn Into Moms Who Write Blogs.  (Not bad, right?  But then I thought it was a little morbid, and if you read regularly, you know I am deathly afraid of death.)
  2. Dogs Walk on Four Legs; I Walk on Two.  (I love dogs.  I love walking.  It seemed to make sense.  Well, at least for a second it did.)
  3. All I Hear Is Laughter. (True at times, but what about the blogs that are sentimental and make people feel emotion?  I thought it gave the wrong impression; I am not always funny.)
  4. Thank You, I Would Like Another.  (Another what?  I kind of liked the ambiguity.  Another blog?  Another idea?  Another glass of wine?)
  5. Metaphor And Symbol; Motif and Flashback.  (Way too English teachery.  Blah!)
  6. Doesn’t Tom Know I Am Funnier?  (A constant battle between husband and wife.)
  7. Winning! (Too Charlie Sheenesque.  I haven’t jumped off the deep end into insanity yet.)
  8. If I Wasn’t Me, I’d Want to Be Me.’  (I love this one, except I think it is grammatically incorrect.  I think after the “to be” I am supposed to use “I”, and I don’t like the way it sounds with “I”, so I will not say it at all.  Although I think it.)
  9. I Write Because I Have to Write.  (Sounds too I-am-so-deep-you-should-read-this-blog-becuase-I-can-cause-such-a-spectacular-paradigm-shift-in- your-way-of-thinking-that-you-will-never-be-the-same, which of course, is so untrue!)
  10. Sho’ Me the Money! (What money?  I write everyday for free!  I think this one is a byproduct of rewatching Jerry McGuire last Sunday.)

So, after all was said and done, I went with Life As I Understand It: Where Inspiration and Humor Collide.

What do you think?