In Memoriam Irish Katie

I spend a great deal of time during the holidays feeling lucky and grateful for the people who have had a positive impact in my life over the course of the year.  I think of my neighbor who has become our friend; a woman who is always willing to help with the girls.  I think of my brother who has shown me the true meaning of perseverance, working tirelessly to achieve his goal of becoming a pilot.  I think of the many students who have sat in my classroom; these young adults make me feel young, to feel invigorated, to feel excited about learning.

It is not odd, then, to think that many people in the blogging world have had an impact on me over the course of the last year.  Even though I wrote less in 2013, many of my followers eagerly commented when I chose to post.

  • I got excited when my friends, people who have known me for years, took time out of their busy schedules to read– Marta, Scott, Amy, Kim, and Jill, just to name a few.

I got down right giddy when my blogger friends commented, too.  You see, as ridiculous it might seem to people who do not spend real-time in a virtual world, I have gotten to know my blogger friends on a very personal basis.

  • I looked forward to the wisdom of Richard, both through his words on his own blog and his comments on mine.  His positive, good-humored attitude makes me look forward to growing old, shatting accidents and all!
  • I looked forward to the insightful snarkiness of the twenty-something Becca.  She has brought me laughter and a reminder of how important it is to discover oneself and experience youth for what it is.
  • I especially loved the relationship I developed with Irish Katie, a woman I felt a kismet connection because of our similar age, similar attitudes, and similar love for our daughters.

Thus, it came as a complete surprise and an utter blow when I learned this past week that my friend, Katie, someone I never had the pleasure of meeting in real life, passed away this past October.  She announced in June that she was battling ovarian cancer, but I was hopeful that modern medicine and her healthy living would allow her body to kick cancer’s ass.  Even when she stopped writing often, I kept faith that it was only because of the exhaustion and sickness caused by radiation that kept her from her computer and communicating with all of us that loved her in the blogosphere.  I kept the faith that one day soon we would be sharing anecdotes and stories once again.

I may have never known Katie but I feel like we were friends.  I will miss her comments– her “*giggles*” and “*hugs*.   I will miss her *smiles* and her special nod nod.  Through her comments and her own writing, I knew Katie– a positive, insightful, introspective, loving woman who has been taken from this world far too soon.

I think we all fear that in death, will people remember us?  Will we have made an effect in anyone’s life?  Well, Irish Katie, you made an effect on me, and I want you to know that I will never forget you.  You taught me that it is better to giggle and laugh then it is to cry.  You taught me perseverance through your countless posts about training for a mini-triatholon, and even though you were never able to accomplish this goal, your efforts will always put you in the win column.  Most importantly, you reminded me of my love for my own children through your love for Rachel.  I can only imagine how difficult it will be for Rachel to live without you, but over time, the pain will lessen, and she will know that even though your earthly body died, your love for her will never, and that you will always live on in her memories, and in her future accomplishments and joys.

Thank you Irish Katie, for being a part of my life for the last year and a half.  I will honestly miss you.


9 thoughts on “In Memoriam Irish Katie

  1. Wow, Cheryl! That is too bad. I noticed how often she commented on your blog. That is really sad. I’ll say a prayer for her & her family.

  2. Cheryl, what a beautiful post. This has been the first night in what seems like an eternity that I have been able to sit down and just catch up with some of my favorite bloggers. I’m so glad I got to do so, because I have been thinking about how important these relationships have become. I truly feel that the community we build for ourselves here are some of the best friendships to find. We may not interact all the time, but when we do it is real. Despite the limits of the screen.

    I also had no idea coming into this post that you would mention such kind words about me. So thank you Cheryl. And a Rest in Peace to your friend, who even though I did not know, was obviously a special part of this community.

    Happy New Years.

  3. Oh Cheryl! I am in tears! Through you I have gotten to know Irish Katie as well. I have enjoyed her almost daily comments *smiles* on your blog over last yr and half. She always had something sweet or insightful to say so much that I have gone on her blog to read some of her posts in the past. It saddens my heart she is no longer with us. Heaven has gained one heck of an angel in our Irish Katie! Her daughter and rest of her family is in my thoughts and prayers. I wonder if they even realize how many hearts she has touched? She was an amazing woman!!

  4. Katie was a beautiful friend, one that truly touched my heart as well. She was, and still is, a truly inspiring and lovely lady.

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