At this moment in time, right now, I am alone in the house.

Do you understand what that means?  I am never alone!  With three kids and a husband, someone is always here.  I cannot do anything without interruption.  On weekends, I try to read, to nap, to grade, but within a few minutes of beginning my task I hear, “Moooooommmmmmm!”  Either they are fighting, or they want something.  In those moments of feeling boxed in, I often ask God, “Can I just have five minutes to myself?”  (Okay, let’s be honest, I really want two hours.)

And then today, the heavens opened and God answered my prayer.  (He has not answered my other prayers about winning the lottery, getting discovered, or ending world hunger, so I guess I was do.  Wait can I say that?  Can God owe me something?  Shit!  Now I probably pissed him off!) 

Dear God,

Please do not be angry with me. I was just trying to be funny.  I laughed… you can laugh, too.  You have a sense of humor, right? 

Well, of course you do!  You invented the platypus, and that creature is downright funny looking! 

Okay, don’t be mad,

Love, Cheryl 

Tom took the two oldest girls to watch NASCAR– yes, the girls like NASCAR, too, but really, they love hanging out with Daddy even more!  Lizzie got invited to go to the park with the neighbor kids.

It is silent.  The dog is lying on the floor next to me breathing contentedly.  The laundry is slowly rolling through the dryer.  The kitchen sink is clean.  The carpets are vacuumed.   I can just sit.

Damn it, I’m bored!  I hope they come home soon!

Dear God,

Can you please answer my other prayers?   If I get discovered and become a world-famous author, I can help you help end world hunger.  It’s a win-win, if you think about it. 

Really, think about it. 


Love, Cheryl


2 thoughts on “Alone….

  1. My step daughter continually belly aches about how her twins are driving her up a wall. And yet when they are gone the weekend with their father, she’s belly aches because she misses them. Am I missing something here????

  2. Although I have only one daughter and my fellow, I am also rarely alone – although more than I used to be since the daughter has gone off to college. I think it’s something we have to re-learn – this being alone stuff. It’s sweeter now than pre-family. Hopefully, they all stay close by – those loves, those ones who practically define our existence for so much of our lives. And that love remains. Just not in the house – as much. I’m relearning how to deal with that now and thoroughly savoring the process!

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