George Washington is Still Relevant Today!

Everyone knows that George Washington couldn’t tell a lie, but do they also know about his involvement in 2013 pop culture?  Well, I certainly did not, at least not until yesterday.

Last night, we were all sitting around waiting for Survivor to start. Lizzie was distracted playing on my phone, and Carson and Maggie were talking.

Maggie commented on the fact that Carson had not showered yet.  “You better shower soon or someone might pass out.”  Carson crossed her arms and pouted.  Pleased with the reaction she added,  “JK.  JK.”

A brief moment of silence ensued, and then Maggie said, “Who do you think invented JK?”

Immediately, I thought about the texting abbreviations I have seen– LOL, OMW, B4, NP– and I assumed JK came out of this genre.  Before I could offer a response, however, Lizzie, who I assumed wasn’t listening, looked up from my phone and spoke.

“George Washington said it to Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.”

“What?” Carson asked curiously.

“Yep,” she continued.  “They were all about to sign and George Washington leaned over to Ben Franklin and said, ‘Hey, Thomas Jefferson doesn’t think you should be in on this. ‘  Ben looked at George nervously, and then George said, ‘JK,’ and he slapped him on the back and handed him a pen.”

Immediately after offering this rousing response, she returned to the world of electronics, leaving the rest of us slightly bewildered at the details she offered.  You know, maybe George Washington did say JK to Ben Franklin, and it just took a few hundred years to reach its tipping point.

You never know.

Disclaimer: Lizzie is only eight-years old.


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