An 8-Year-Old’s Perspective

Because of a lack of pre-knowledge or worldly experience, sometimes the things we say to our children are clearly misconstrued.

Case in point: this morning, I was sipping my coffee watching the Today show when Lizzie woke and walked out of her room.  She had that sleepy-I-don’t-want-to-wake-up look on her face.  She kept blinking her eyes trying to get them to stay open, and she rubbed her face at least a dozen times.  She walked up to me and indicated she wanted to sit on my lap.   She is at the point of being almost too big at 4’6′ and 75 pounds, but because she is the youngest, I have yet to refuse.  I opened my arms and she sat down, putting her arms around my neck and resting her head against mine.   She gazed at the television, which was airing a Monster’s University advertisement.

“Inc.  That stands for Incorporated?” she asked.

“Yes, Honey.  Inc. is short for Incorporated.”

“What does University stand for?” she continued.

“University doesn’t stand for anything, but U. does.  If I said ‘Miami U’ I would be talking about Miami University,” I explained.

Without missing a beat, she said, “I’m not allowed to go there.”

Knowing full well she was implying her father’s allegiance to his alma mater, Ohio University, I replied, “Sure you can, Honey.  You can go wherever you want to go for college.”  I am a bit more open-minded.  Tom has two loves: OU and OSU, and in his mind, their rivals are strictly off limits.

At this point, she took her head off my shoulder and looked me in the eyes.

“No.  I am not allowed to go to Miami at all, and the only way I am allowed to go to Michigan is if I get a scholarship and a full bus ride.”


Ahhh, the ever sought after but ever so challenging full bus ride.  Yes.  We have spoken about a full-ride numerous times.  Apparently, it just so happens to be on a Greyhound bus!


8 thoughts on “An 8-Year-Old’s Perspective

  1. The moments we will always remember in later years. I enjoyed saving the best to embarrass the living bijesus out of my children once in their teens. The louder their groans, the more my satisfaction.

  2. Your oldest going to “jail” and your youngest getting a “full bus ride” lol. Watch out world! Too funny!!

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