What We Do When We Cannot Afford What We Want to Do.

This summer, even more than any other summer, I have truly felt like I am on a vacation.  Each week has offered a plethora of fun activities, and at times, I wonder why I ever long to “go on vacation.”  At times, I feel like every day is kind of a resort day.  In the past week, for example, I have been able to go on a boat ride, see a movie, go to the track to gamble, play in a pretty amazing outdoor pool, go to a cookout, and eat a few pretty amazing restaurants.  I have gotten a private tour of Severance Hall and I have finagled some good deals at the Westside Market.  Opportunities seem to continue to present themselves, and with each fortuity, I seem to enjoy each day even more than the last.

This morning, a rather exciting occasion presented itself yet again.  I was over a friend’s house helping his daughter with her summer reading assignment when a text came from Tom.

“Hey.  It just so happens that the Tribe game is not sold out tonight.  Maybe we should go?  Omar Visquel bobblehead night?”

I read his message and immediately felt a surge of excitement in my belly.  Oh, how I love Progressive Field.  It is magical being in the ballpark: the excitement of the crowd, the crack of the bat, the way the ball sounds when it hits the catcher’s mitt.  Truly, baseball is my love, although I never played, and going to a game tonight sounded exactly like what I wanted to do to continue my fun-filled vacation days of summer.

I got home from tutoring and immediately went on-line to see what kinds of seats were available.   I was ready and willing to buy.   Well, that is until I saw the prices!   A ticket in section 109 that usually goes for $24.00 was suddenly $49.50. Hmmm.  My mind did some quick calculations: Game 4.  Detroit Tigers.  Bobblehead.  2 1/2 games back.   The front office is not dumb.  They know that this is a series that would be popular and that many people would bite the proverbial bullet and spend the money for a chance to see a Tribe/Tiger standoff.  However, if we went as a family, it would be $250.00 just to walk through the door.  Add parking, hot dogs, pretzels, pops, beers, and a bag of peanuts, and that amount easily jumps to $400.00.

I am a rationalizer, a justifier if you will, when it comes to all things fun.  However, no amount of justification could possibly convince me to spend this kind of money tonight when tomorrow, when the Tribe starts their home-stand against the Toronto Blue Jays, I could purchase five tickets in section 109 for just over a hundred dollars!  Begrudgingly, I texted Tom and told him it was too much money.  He understood, but I knew he felt a pinch of disappointment (as did I).

An hour later, I received another text.  This time, he suggested taking the kids to the game again.  However, the idea was nothing less than creative, thoughtful and genius!


Go Tribe!


10 thoughts on “What We Do When We Cannot Afford What We Want to Do.

  1. Such is marriage with children. I remember having a $343.00 a month house payment, and raising a family on $3.08 an hour wages, plus the meager checks from my published works. The sacrifices seemed to be mountains.Today they all seem to be molehills. Hang in there. It will get better.

    • I am not complaining, Richard. Summer has been great! We have a five day vacation planned at the end of the month, and you are right, with three kids, frugality is often times an issue. We will have fun tonight! Don’t you worry!

  2. ok….so what did he suggest? I am curious now nod nods.

    And admits by the way…$400! WOW.

    Another ‘and’ … AND … I think it is wonderful that you are having a super summer *smiles* … yahhhhhh you!

      • See’s it now.

        THAT IS GENIUS. Wait….what about popcorn? And chocolate. And …waaiit….am I invited too? *smiles*

        Still…that sounds like a great idea. Gooooooooo Indians! Oh…you should hide a baseball…when they hit a foul ball toss it towards them. Hehehe

      • We did eat popcorn! No chocolate, though. The foul ball is a great idea!!!!!!

        You can come over anytime you want… *smiles*!

        Go Tribe! Game not over…..

  3. Thanks for posting the text! I was so confused 🙂 And consider going to a Crushers game! It’s much cheaper!!

  4. I love love LOVE this! What an awesome idea! I just posted something about summer vacation too. It’s on my new new non-teacher blog. Check it out! 🙂 (www.dreamsdishesanddiabetes.wordpress.com)

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