I Think I Need a Gross

Today, my brother called my cell.

Me: Hello?

Rick: Do you know how much a gross is?

A gross.  I hadn’t heard the term in a very long time, but somehow I conjured an answer.

Me:  144?

Rick: Yes!  Yes, a gross is 144.

Me: Why are you asking me this?

Rick: Because neither Jen or Matt knew the answer. (His wife and son) They are acting like I made it up.  I thought it was something everyone knew.

Me: How did this come up?

Rick: I ordered a gross of buns for a company cookout, and Jen said she had never heard the term.  It’s not that odd, is it?

Me: I don’t think so.

But really, it is not a term used often, at least not by the average Joe.  I actually do not know when or how I learned this term.  It definitely was not in the height of the eighties when I thought everything was “Like totally gross, you know?”  And to be honest, I cannot ever remember ordering anything in a gross.  When and what would I ever need twelve dozen of?  I mean, sure, maybe in 1991 before Tyson and all the chicken companies began injecting chickens with hormones, maybe my friends and I went to Around the Corner and ordered a couple of pitchers of beer and a gross of wings on $.10 wing night.  Three wings back then equaled the size of one wing today.  Surely, six friends could knock out 12 dozen wings when they cost $.10 a piece and they were so small?  However, besides for this possibility, I do not think I can name anything I have ever ordered as a gross.

Needlesstosay, I am going to run a poll.  Over the next week, I am going to ask 100 different individuals if they know what a gross is.  I am going to see how common or not so common of a term this word actually is.  In the process, I may get a little full of myself thinking that I have obtained knowledge along the way that others have not.  That’s okay.  Everyone has the right to feel special about something, right?  This term here might just be my special!

I’ll let you know what I find out! And maybe, I will think of something I need a dozen dozen of.  Maybe lip smackers– I lose them right when I buy them; surely, I could not lose 144.  Right?


2 thoughts on “I Think I Need a Gross

  1. Ohh…I had to do some research! For some bizarre reason I also knew what a gross was. I knew it was 144 … but how?!?!?!

    I think I may have learnt this in math at some point?

    What it is used to measure I could not for the life of me imagine. So online … the only thing I could find was that it used to be used by commercial ordering …. a grocery store for instance might order 10 gross of eggs. (i.e., 10 x 12 x 12 = 1,440 eggs! … thought that might make sense to a grocery store…I dont’ know. I think it is an old unit of measure no longer used?)

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