Today Is All Mine, To Do With It as I Please.

I am officially one week into my summer hiatus.  So far:

  1. I have, for the time being, driven the idea of school and teaching out of my brain.  I am pretending like I do not have a job, nor do I know what one is.
  2. I am recharging my batteries with some much overdue sleep.  Each morning, when my body naturally awakes at 5:45 am, I look at the clock, think about what day it is, smile, and roll over, forcing myself back to sleep.  Yesterday, I slept until 10:30 !
  3. I am reading for pleasure.  Imagine, not trying to analyze every single sentence and every single action the character makes; I am not trying to decipher his or her motivation!  Nope.  I am reading for the fun of it. Last weekend I read The Complete Persepolis (good, but to be honest, I liked My Friend Dahmer better), and this week I am reading The Hotel Between Bitter and Sweet.  I have a pile of books on my nightstand beckoning me with their beguiling pages.
  4. I am cleaning.  For most of the year, I feel like all I do is spot clean and straighten up the house.  Now it is time to clean clean: wash walls and clean nooks and crannies; put items away in the attic; throw items away that we do not need; go through closets and dressers to make a Goodwill pile.  You know, necessary cleaning that declutters the house and makes me feel free.
  5. I am appreciating my children.  Yes, it is fun just to hangout.  I know it is just a matter of time and they will all be independent, but I will not feel lonely when it happens. I am building a stockpile of memories that I will relish when they are to busy to hangout with their mom.
  6. I am appreciating the pace of summer.  I can read, write, and exercise all before the time I would usually get home from work.  With children eight and older, summer suddenly does not feel solely about meeting their needs; it feels important to meet mine as well.

It has only been one week, and I am enjoying myself so much, that I had a minor panic attack today.  I am anxious– the summer is going to go by way too fast.  Before I know it, I will be back in school and then I will be 44 and then I will be attending my first daughter’s high school graduation and then I will be applying for my AARP card and then I will be writing a retirement speech and then I will be………

Whhhhoooaa.  Hold on.

Can’t let the proverbial cart get in front of the proverbial horse, now can we?  It is only June 13, 2013.  It is not 2014 or 2018 or 2025 or 2033.  It is a singular, incomparable day in June.  The day is mine!  The future will take care of itself.  All I need to do is luxuriate in today’s splendor, savor its intoxicating seconds, and love its beauty and peace.


2 thoughts on “Today Is All Mine, To Do With It as I Please.

  1. It feels good, doesn’t it. Unlike a school teacher who has the summers off, my job was year around. But now I enjoy your same bliss, and it all began the last minute of the last hour of my last day at work. While walking out the door it really struck me. I am now officially retired and will never have to get up at dark o’clock again….FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!

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