Sometimes, the Best Ideas Come from the Strangest Sources

So, I do not know if you watch Survivor, but I do.  Of the 27 seasons (two a year for over thirteen years), I have probably committed myself to 22.  For whatever reason, I did not watch the first two seasons, and somewhere within the sleepless nights and restless days of the first few months of one of my snot-nosed kids beautiful children, I missed another couple of seasons.

It’s great: the alliances; the secret alliances; the double-secret-swear-on-your-dead-grandma alliances (you know, the ones in which neither person swearing has a dead grandma); the challenges, the physical exhaustion and mental toughness– all characteristics that make for a great reality television show.

Last night was the season finale of Survivor Caramoan: Fans verse Favorites.  It was a fun season to watch.  The last four members standing were Eddie, an unlikely fan; Sherri, another fan who made more waves than Eddie in the game; Dawn and Cochran, both favorites from Survivor South Pacific.

Anyway, as all reality television shows go, the cameramen like to pull the contestants aside and ask them questions so that the audience can learn about each person and get a connection.  Right before Tribal Council, a ceremony in which the contestants vote someone off of the island, the cameramen interviewed each remaining cast member.

  • Cochran talked about following his dreams and becoming a writer.  Of course, I felt slightly annoyed.  He will have a best seller before I can say John Jangle Jingle Heimer Schmidt, all because of reality television fame.  Who knows if he has the power of the pen?  He will effectually become an author because of his quasi-celebrity status.
  • Dawn wanted to do more for her six adopted children.
  • I missed Sherri’s interview because I was changing the laundry.  To be honest, I did not think she had a chance in hell of winning, so it was a good time to make sure the wash got into the dryer.
  • Eddie, by far, had the best idea of what to do with one million free dollars. He said if he won, he wanted to open a dog-park-kennel-pet day care type of thing attached to a bar.

How do you say…. Genius!

Cochran graduated Harvard law, but Eddie is the true genius!  How many people do I know who are dog-lovers who love the dog park?  How many of these friends would have more fun if they could indulge in a little libation while playing with their dogs?  Surely, people would come from miles around to exercise their dogs and have a couple of cocktails.  Then, after an hour or two, when the customer gets hungry?   Perfect!  Order yourself a sandwich and a bowl of Kibble for old Fido.

Eddie got me thinking of other ideas I think would work.  I have always dreamed about having a pub with some form of daycare attached.  Why not go out for dinner with the family but have the younger members of the family have fun themselves?  How many times were we in restaurants and our children were bored, asking to leave, playing with sugar packets, or fighting with each other.  Going out to dinner was not enjoyable when the children were young.  It was downright annoying.

But…. if you could go out to dinner and drop your children off in a space where they would be fed, and then they could play, too?  Maybe a place with WII games or Xbox games.  Better yet, why not a bouncy house and a miniature playground.  Kids need to burn off all that energy from the food, and while they are enjoying themselves, mom and dad are luxuriating over their entries, enjoying their conversations, and thinking about a second drink.

Sadly, Eddie did not win.  Cochran did.  As much as I am a little annoyed at the secondary success he will elicit from his performance, I am happy for him.  He did deserve it.  Oh, and as for Eddie– he’s just going to have to keep his dream alive!  I look forward to “The Bark and a Beer” franchise coming to a city near me soon!

(If he uses that title, you heard it hear first.  Officially copyrighted!


4 thoughts on “Sometimes, the Best Ideas Come from the Strangest Sources

  1. Or he could call it The Thirsty Dog nod nods lol.

    I have never seen an episode of Survivor…ack!

    Ok…I used to have this idea of buying a theater and turning it into one of those brew pubs and a movie house. Eat good food, sit in comfy seats, drink microbrews or wine.

    But … I suspect it would cost a million dollars. Though to be honest, I am only a little short on the cash. (Ok…about $999,900.00 short.)

    Or…. a dessert delivery service. I know sometimes I am home, nothing to snack on … and I want a piece of pie or some other dessert. But I don’t want to go out! Where is the dessert delivery wagon!?!??!?

    • Katie, there is a brewery already called Thirsty Dog! Taken. I love the idea of the theater house– we have an artsy theater here in Cleveland that serves beer. It is very popular!

      I like the idea of a dessert wagon.

      • WHAT?!?!?!

        I was robbed. They stole my idea. I demand a recount. I’m going to sue. I want a refund.

        Errr….whew….complaining like that made me thirsty … if I were there we could head over to that Thirsty Dog place …. the one that cheated me … the one that engaged in corporate espionage … the one that shamelessly is taking food from my table … the one that …whew….thirsty again …


  2. I agree, I love Eddie’s idea. Don’t know if I would plan to take Oscar though – I can hear the barking from my barstool & it’s stressing me out!!! But, I was so happy to see Cochran win! It was like “revenge of the Nerds!” How could this wimpy scrawny guy beat out the likes of Malcolm, Reynold & Eddie? Pretty redeeming, I say!

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