Random Thoughts Day 8: Working Toward Crossing Something Off of My Bucket List

Examining my bucket list, I realized that I will never die because I haven’t really accomplished anything on it.  That’s the way it works, right?  It’s like a bank account.  As long as you have checks in your checkbook, you have money, right?

Okay, I’m kidding on both accounts, but I do have a few items I would like to cross off this year, one of which is “To run a 5K.”  The only problem with accomplishing this goal is that I hate running.  As I have said time and again, I find running pointless.  “Where are you all running?  Why can’t you just walk or ride a bike or take a cab, for that matter?”

However, most of my friends are runners.  These people are not teenagers who run because they have nothing better to do.  They are not twentysomethings who do not yet have the responsibilities of a family.  No, my friends are in their thirties and forties.  Most of them work full-time; they all have families, and they all find time to run.

They love it.  They run for fun; they run for fitness; they run for the adrenaline rush of a race.  I listen to them talk about the endorphins, and I think, “I like endorphins.  I like the feeling when I have accomplished something.”

Then, I look at their bodies.  Not one of my runner friends has a  droopy or saggy bottom.  None of my runner friends have flabby legs.  They are lean and strong.  I want to be lean and strong.  I want firm legs and a taut and tight derriere.

So what is a girl to do?  I forked out $43.00 to sign up for the Color Run on June 8.  I am monetarily committed.  Now, I have to run.


008Three weeks ago, I went and bought myself a new pair of shoes.  I always find that when starting an activity, I have to buy something new to help with my motivation.  Next, I reloaded Ease into 5K into my iPod.  It’s a nine week training session, in which the runner is supposed to run three days a week and work up to the 3.2 miles.  I am trying to run four days a week and get done a little faster.  I want to be at three miles by June 1st.

To sweeten the pot, last week Carson decided that she wanted to run it with me.  Like her mother, Carson is not a runner, but she likes a challenge.  I bought her a new pair of running shoes, downloaded Ease into 5K into her iPod, and we are running together three days a week.

Sadly, when I went to register her for the race, it was already sold out.  I haven’t broken the news to her yet because I do not want to lose my running buddy.  Selfish?  Probably, but I figure once she gets halfway through the training, I will break the news to her and we will choose another 5K to run.


Yesterday, it was gorgeous here in Cleveland.  We went to the Metroparks, and we ran.  I’m still unsure whether I like it, but I’m committed in more ways than one.


11 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Day 8: Working Toward Crossing Something Off of My Bucket List

  1. The having-too-many-thngs-to-do-so-I-can’t-die-yet wish is just that. I sometimes wonder if we load our plates out of a subconscious desire to try to manipulate God into delaying the dying thing. My husband died 2 years ago with a bucket full of very important things yet undone. Sadly our time is appointed. I challenge myself to do the most important first – work on relationships.

  2. Yah!!!! Just moving is a good thing Cheryl. It doesn’t matter if you finish with a fast time or not. And….another big win … you are teaching Carson this. Way to go you!!!!!

    Oh…if Carson is too disappointed…maybe you can give her your number…and you can run anyway. It’s not like they can keep you from running (unless its on private property).

    This is a TOTALLY awesome post….very much so.

  3. You just gave me a great idea for a new post. My new post is based on an extensive study I have did on “runners” in my neighborhood. If you are looking for a post to give you the incentive to get out there and run…..please don’t read my post. Thank you.

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