Random Thoughts Day 6: Fascination

Okay, I would like to clarify.  My obsession with Joanna Garcia is more of a fascination.  I am not stalking her.  I just think that she seems like the kind of girl I would want to be my friend, and now that she has moved to Cleveland, she needs some local girlfriends, right?

Part of the reason I like her is because of the man she fell in love with.  Nick Swisher is a cool cat!  The more I get to know him, the more I like him.  Last week, he gave an interview on Opening Day, and he made a comment about bringing a win to the “216”.  Immediately, I felt an affinity for him.  He has only been a Cleveland Indian for three months, but it was evident that he already called Cleveland his home.

Secondly, I like that he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously.  Many pro-athletes get caught up in their celebrity status, and they look down on those who do not have their name on a jersey or get their pictures splashed across newspapers.  He seems like the type of guy you could walk up to in a restaurant and say, “Hey, my son loves you.  Can you sign this napkin for him,” and Swisher would whip out a pen and sign happily.  Many athletes are not like that.  My brother once told me that he and his wife were eating in a rather upscale restaurant in Chagrin Falls and Jim Thome and his wife were at an adjacent table.  My brother politely asked if he could sign a napkin for his son, and Thome flat-out said “no.”  But I don’t think Nick would say no.  I think that he knows that he has been blessed with athletic prowess, but I have to believe that it hasn’t gone to his head.

Thirdly, this week, I was driving to work and I was listening to Lannigan and Malone, a local radio talk-show on Clear Channel’s WMJI.  (I tell you this fact just in case you have the I Love Radio app.  They make my morning commute very enjoyable.)  Anyway, they were interviewing woman from a local organization called Providence House.  It is the nation’s oldest non-profit crisis nursery.  They were discussing their yearly fundraising luncheon, and the woman promoting donation boasted that the Swisher’s foundation had just made a $75,000 donation.

$75,000!  Of course, I Googled his foundation.  He started a non-profit organization in 2007 called Swish’s Wishes.  It is an organization that is solely committed to helping children through difficult times.  Ah!  My heart melted.  Nick is an honest to God good person.  He isn’t shoving his money up his nose or wasting it on bottles of Crystal.  He isn’t trying to impress anyone.  He is truly giving back to his community.

Photo by Plain Dealer's John Kuntz

Photo by Plain Dealer’s John Kuntz

Lastly, he loves his job.  Last night, when his two-out RBI scored the winning run against Chicago, he was legitimately excited.  He’s a team player.  As a lifelong baseball fan, I love the sport for that reason, it’s about being part of something that is bigger than yourself.

So maybe my fascination is not just with Joanna.  Maybe my fascination is with the Swisher family.   If you look at the type of people I have surrounded myself, my friends are genuine; they are sincere; they are generous; they do not take life too seriously; and they know how to love.  The Swisher’s seem like they have all of these qualities.

So, Joanna and Nick, give me a call.  Let’s get together.  I think we should be friends.


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