I am Big Brother!

I have always loved espionage and spy movies, but not just because they are action packed and keep me on the edge of my seat.  No.  I have always enjoyed these movies because of the implications of what a government can do.  The idea of spy satellites and secret codes and Top Secret documents fascinates me.  In my world of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chauffeuring kids to and fro, it seems outlandish that people exist who participate in a full-blown, combat-zone mentality.

The movies show how any of us could suddenly be under scrutiny.  Poor Will Smith was minding his own business when suddenly he became Enemy of the State.  His life was open for investigation: he was bugged, photographed, and followed by satellite imagery.  (Okay, that last part freaks me out.  I am just an average every day Josephina who has average every day experiences.  What if some whack-a-doo over in the Pentagon goes on a fishing mission and finds satellite imagery of Tom and I…. well, you know.  Does he video tape it?  Should I be worried about showing up on You Tube?)

All of the movies bring the reality of technological advancement to the surface.  We are watched: there is no escaping it.  And if it’s not the government, it’s someone with a cell phone–someone recording our every move and every word.  How many lives have been interrupted and changed because of a recording that the person never knew existed?  How many of us go through life under a veil of anonymity thinking that we actually remain obscure and unknown?

However, could not some observation and some spying be good?  What if average citizens had access to such technologies?  We could monitor our children, our spouses, our lives?  Three weeks ago, when I lost my iPhone and had to download an ap called “Find my iPhone” I realized that I do have the power to spy, if only on my own family.  I can monitor where they are by tracking their cell phones.  Technology has given me an ability I never could have dreamed about twenty years ago.

The reason I mention any of this is because Tom has been a bit busy travelling for work.  He went to Dallas last week, and this week, he had to go back again.

While helping him fold his clothes and pack, I thought I’d make light of his second trip in two weeks.  “Seems a little suspect you have to go to Dallas again,” I said skeptically.

“I know, right?” he goaded.  “Maybe I’m just flying off to see my girlfriend.  Maybe there is no business trip at all.”

“Haha, funny.”  We both laughed because it was funny.  I know that Tom would never cheat on me.

(Aside: I had postpartum depression after Maggie, and one day I flew into such a rage that I scared us both.  I had never been on the verge of throwing knives, but that day, I almost did.  I think Tom knows this rage lies latent deep in my loins, and if he ever betrayed our sacred bond of marriage, I’d have to go all Lorena Bobbitt on his ass, or penis, as the case may be.)

Needlesstosay, I took the opportunity to play a joke on him yesterday.  He texted that he was out to dinner with the client, and I decided to see if I could figure out where.

So, there he is in Dallas, Texas, having dinner and a drink with a client.

So, there he is in Dallas, Texas, having dinner and a drink with a client.

Oh wait, I can zoom in.  He seems to be on MacArthur Blvd.  Got to love them Texans-- naming roads after WWII heroes!

Oh wait, I can zoom in. He seems to be on MacArthur Blvd. Got to love them Texans– naming roads after WWII heroes!

Look, I can even zoom in closer!

Look, I can even zoom in closer!

.....And closer!

…..And closer!

Now, this isn’t Google Earth; I could not look at the exact building, nor does this ap have the capability of an international satellite;  I could not see what he was doing.  Nonetheless,  I could pretend.  (Hee Hee)

I'm funny!

I’m funny!

Thank God this ap did not exist when I was a kid.  In 1986, I told my parents I was going to sleep at a girlfriend’s house in Rocky River.  Unbeknownst to them, I picked up my friends and we drive to the eastside to see Cheap Trick at the Front Row.  Had this ap existed, I probably would have been a bit more hesitant about lying and exploring my youth.  I’m glad I grew up when I did.


5 thoughts on “I am Big Brother!

  1. Hahaha thats awesome! That app is actually very useful. My sons iphone got stolen from school. When he got home, we jumped in my car and drove to the house where the app said the iphone was. I think I scared the shit out of the kid who stole it when I knocked on the door and told him to give me the phone he took from school! Kat

  2. omg that almost borders on creepy. I mean, it can be helpful…but it can also be invasive.

    Still … hmmmm….my daughter has a smart phone….hmmmmm

    No, no, no Katie….bad bad … I should not spy on my own daughter.

    But….its for her safety right?

    Aiieee….I don’t want to even think of these things. (Which by the way I don’t really have to, as I sort of don’t know how to use my own smart phone. I know about Aps…but I do not think I have ever used one? I just got a new phone a couple weeks ago!)

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