Did You Read Today?

phone pics Jan 2012 030I was just catching up on some old blogs on my reader, and I liked reading most of them.  You know what I do when I like reading other people’s blogs?  I like them, like in, I click the box to allow my Gravatar to appear.

I got to thinking.  Do people who get a ton of likes pay attention to whom is exactly liking them?  Sometimes I like a blog that has already been liked by 227 people.  Do they notice that I have returned and liked this blog, too?  I know that because of the sheer lack of volume to my own blog, I notice every single person who returns.  “Oh, yeah! so-and-so liked it!”  I know the Gravatar of my regular readers, and I appreciate their business, so to speak.


If for some reason one of my regulars’ Gravatars does not appear for a few days or a few weeks even, I worry.

Is it what I’m writing?  Were they so offended by something I said they do not want to return?  Was my dry sarcasm more of an ugly humor that no one could appreciate?  Did all of my typos and homonym errors finally get to them? 

I have to stop before I begin to doubt my very existence.

Except, then the alternative happens; I start to worry about them.

Oh, I hope everything is okay.  I hope life is not too busy.  I hope no one got sick or is in the hospital.  Oh Gosh, what if someone crashed a car?

I find it necessary to pray.

I cross myself.   Please, God, don’t let any of my regular followers who have not checked in be hurt.  Please protect their families, too.  Amen

I usually feel better after a quick prayer.  I feel even more relieved when their Gravatar appears back on my page.


Okay, now I have to share a humiliating story.  I cannot believe I did this.  So, this same Gravatar started showing up day after day.  I realized that I was not following this person, so I clicked on his link and began to read.  He wrote beautiful moving prose about life and finding a connection.  I was moved.  In his blog, he said that he was closing up shop to start a new adventure.  By providing an email, you could be a follower of the new and improved website.  Of course, I signed up.

This is where it gets a little sketchy.  On the bottom of his page was his personal email address.  I felt so excited to have read his words that instead of commenting, I emailed him.  I felt a cyberspace connection that needed to be addressed.  This is what I wrote:

I am probably overstepping, but I really have only read one or two of your blogs before this evening. 
However, I have loved that you read mine and like what I write.  Sometimes, it’s as if a complete stranger understands something I am trying to  understand in myself.
With that being said, I definitely will follow your new website.  Thank you for reading my blog and liking.  Your serenity and peaceful aura come through the written word and the “like.”  Cheryl
He never replied.  I feel like a creeper.

25 thoughts on “Did You Read Today?

  1. I gave you a like, but did you realize that most people who like a post never even READ it, let alone comment to know they have been at a site. They don’t even click on a post to register a view. Likes don’t equal views!

    Many do it for what you said, so the blog owner pays them a visit. This is the frustrating part of blogging. Do your 310 subscribers pay a visit each post? I am betting not. I have a post coming that talks about readership and how to get more. But do people care about the quality of a blog post?

  2. Hahaha very interesting thoughts you have here. I’ve never reached the 200 mark – so I can’t say whether or not people actually notice and acknowledge every little face at the bottom of their posts. That being said – I do believe that people acknowledge and truly appreciate when someone does like one of their pieces. And no, you’re not a creeper :P.

  3. While I don’t reach out to everyone who “likes” a post I’ve written, I do comment back when someone opts to “follow” my blog. I think it is appropriate to express gratitude. If someone gets spooked by that as overreaching, I don’t think that’s your problem.

  4. Hi. The like button is handy. But I usually forget to click it, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the post. Also, I try to leave a message whenever possible. If I’m short of time, I might remember to click the like button instead.

  5. *smirkles* … I had to hit the ‘Like” button after reading this!

    I always read a blog before hitting the “‘Like” button …and generally try to comment…but not always.

    Also, like one of your other commenters said, I ‘try’ to get back to those that have liked…and will almost always get back to those that have commented…and then I try to take a look around their blog too.

    And no matter what you keep telling others… you are not a creeper *smiles*

  6. I read it! Just don’t have time to read all posts I’m afraid! I’m happy to get a few likes – but often they seem to be from commercial blogs trying to flog me something. Early days though!

  7. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with writing a mail telling of your appreciation of a writer. Such things happened long before there was email or blogs. But a writer has a life too, and it could be that he doesn’t have the time to answer every like, or every comment, or even every mail. The way I look at it, we should follow those people who really interest us, and not expect anything in return.

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