Serial Saturday: Part Four

Continued from Serial Saturday: Part Three

Rachel looked at her watch.  It was almost 11:00 and they really had not started the interview.  She wanted to show her portfolio and talk about her campaign ideas.  She wanted to prove that her competitive edge could and would be an asset to Davenport Industries, and that given the chance, she would prove herself.  She wanted to advance the interview to talk about clients, but they were having so much fun, she did not want to ruin the mood.

“Say,” Jason said looking at his phone.  “I have another idea.”

“Okay?” she said leaning forward slightly.

“Why don’t we go back to the office.  You can show me your portfolio.  After, I can get a couple of the guys and we could go out to lunch.  There is a great little Thai restaurant across the street.  I would like for you to meet some of the other people who work for the company.”

She got excited.  Meeting people in the company is a good sign.  She imagined everyone was going to be as young and fun as Jason.  She did not have to be at her waitressing job until 4:00, so she easily could do lunch, too.

“That sounds great,” she said.

Jason rose and waited for Rachel to get up.  He grabbed their empty coffee cups and placed them on the counter.  She liked that he did not leave them on the table for someone to have to come out and clean up.  She felt it showed he did not take advantage of his position, nor did he feel better than other people.  The walked to the elevator, they stepped in, and he pushed the button for the fourteenth floor.

“I think I might have Mel sit in on the interview.  She’s young like you.  She got hired about six months ago.  She is in the PR department and I think it is important for PR to know everyone who works for the company, and everyone who is trying to get a job with the company.  It’s about fit, and if anyone should be able to decide who fits, it should be PR.”

“Sounds great,” Rachel said, although she really didn’t know if she liked the idea.  She had in less than an hour developed a comfort level with Jason and adding someone new into the dynamic might throw her off her game.

The door of the elevator opened.  Rachel realized she did remember the girl’s name. She knew she would have to pay attention to introductions.

They walked over the receptionist’s desk, and Jason grabbed her portfolio.  He walked toward the double glass doors that led into the office area.  He opened the door.  “After you,” he said.

She felt herself blush every so lightly.  “Thank you.”  Rachel walked through the doors, but then paused, unsure of exactly where they were going.

“Second door on the right,” he said.

She pushed the door open to find a beautiful mahogany conference table.  In the middle of the table was a vase of daisies, and she thought it brightened up the room.  The one wall was all windows and looking out, she could see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Browns Stadium, the Great Lakes Science Center, and Lake Erie in the distance.

“Wow, this is a beautiful view,” she said as Jason walked through the door she was holding.

“Yeah, this is my favorite room in the office.  Sometimes, when I know we do not have anything scheduled for this room, I bring my work down here.  It inspires me.”  He had placed the portfolio on the table and he indicated with a gesture that she should sit down.

“I can definitely understand wanting to work in here,” she agreed.  Although she found the view inspiring, she did not want to be distracted by it.  “Where would you like me to sit?”

“Well, why don’t you sit at the head of the table.  That way Mel and I can sit on either side fo you and we can look at your portfolio.”

Mel.  Her name is Mel.  “Sounds perfect.”  She sat down and began to unzip her portfolio.

“I will go get Mel.  I will be back in a few minutes,” he said.

“That sounds great,” she said.

Jason walked out of the doors.  She took out all of her work and organized it.  She had a nice spattering of art work and copy.  She had done enough succesful small campaigns that she really felt she had a good chance of getting this job.

Five minutes went by, then ten.  She was starting to get nervous again.  She hated waiting; she always had.  Waiting to find out if she made the cheerleading squad.  Waiting to see if she had gotten scholarships.  Waiting for her mother to get out of surgery after a double mastectomy because of breast cancer.  Each time, she got what she wanted, but the thought that this might be the time where her luck ran out terrified her.

Five more minutes went by and she decided to walk to the windows.  She could see people walking into the Rock Hall, taking pictures with the guitars displayed.  Were these people on vacation?  Did they take the day off of work?  It seemed so peculiar that she was standing in an office fretting, and these people seemed to not have a care in the world.  They were just enjoying life.

“Excuse me?” a voice came from the door.  Rachel twirled around.  In front of her was an attractive girl.  She had straight brown hair, pretty facial features, and stylish glasses.  She wore a lacy white blouse over a while camisole tucked into a pair of brown trousers.

“Yes?” Rachel said walking toward her.

“I’m Mel.  I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting,” she extended her hand.

“No problem.”  Rachel shook her hand.  “We are still waiting for Jason, though.”

“Unfortunately, Jason is on a conference call with a client in Japan.  He said to send his apologies.  He thinks he will be on the phone for a while.”

Rachel felt panic.  She had scheduled her interview with Jason Swisher not Mel…. Mel doesn’t even have a last name.  How can she send a thank you note without knowing this woman’s last name.  And what about lunch?  Was that canceled as well?  She did not want to ask Mel because she did not know what he had said to her.

“Jason wants me to show you the office and answer any questions you may have about our company.  He also asked me to reschedule his interview with you so that he can look over your work.”

Mel seemed oddly familiar.  Rachel couldn’t place her finger on it.  She knew her from somewhere, but where?

“Okay,” Rachel said.

“So let’s start with the office tour. ” Mel opened the door and gestured for Rachel to walk through it.  “You can leave your portfolio right there.  No one will touch it.”

Rachel smiled and walked through the door.

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6 thoughts on “Serial Saturday: Part Four

  1. Oh … I like the way the story is going. The past seems to be a clue to how Rachel will deal with things….and the addition of Mel … who is she and how does Rachel know her? Hmmmm.

    As I was reading your story … again, the details are what is making the story read well. I have to remember this when I write. When you mentioned not just the view outside of the office window…but the specifics of what Rachel was looking at…it not just gave my mind a vision … but gave even the office some concreteness to it. (I am learning a lot from your writing.)

  2. I have a feeling that Mel is going to be a bitch. When do the German terrorists take over the building and force John McClain into action?

  3. The pace is slowing down a bit; maybe this is going to be a novel. Introducing suspense in small doses. What happened to Jason? Is his friendliness just a false front? Who is this Mel? Does Mel have veto power? Does this turn of events mean Rachel’s already been ruled out for the job? On the other hand, she’s been promised a second interview. But that might be cancelled just as easily as lunch. Or maybe she’ll go to lunch with Mel and the girls? Is someone going to steal her portfolio? We’re dealing with a lot of issues here.

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