Happy Birthday Uncle Cranky!

Last week, Maggie turned ten.  On the way home from her very special birthday dinner, Maggie brought up all of the other birthdays in January.  She likes that it is such a special month shared by many.

“Mom and Dad celebrate their birthday this month,” she said about us, fancying this bond that we share.

“Yes, that’s right.  And Uncle Patrick,” I added.

“And Merielle.”

“And Lexi,” Carson said.

“Who else?  Is there anymore?” Tom asked.

We were silent for a moment as we waited for the kids to name more people. Lizzie said, “Isn’t Uncle Cranky’s birthday in January, too?”

When Lizzie was a toddler, for whatever reason, she chose not to call my brother Uncle Ricky, she chose to call him Uncle Cranky.  Maybe it was because he had a scowl on his face all of the time.  Maybe it was because he, in fact, was often cranky; however, she hasn’t referred to him in this manner in quite some time, so it made us all laugh.

“Oh Giggers,” Tom said.  “You don’t still think Uncle Ricky is cranky do you?”

She tapped her chin with her index finger, pursed her lips, stared at the ceiling and precociously mulled it over in her brain.  Finally, she said, “Nope.  But it is still fun to say.”

In agreement that not only is it fun to say, it is fun to manipulate into a gazillion sub-names, we spent the rest of the ride home renaming Uncle Ricky.

Thus, today, on your 48 birthday, Ricky, these names are in honor of you:

Uncle Cranky
Luck -Be-a-Crankster-Tonight  water 3
King Crank
Lord of the Crank
Mr. Crank
Super Crank
Cranky Boo Peep
Cranky Crank
The Crankster
President Crank
Sir Crankalot
Big Poppa Crank
Earl of Crank
Crusty Crank
Sponge Bob Square Crank

and my personal favorite: Junior! (Because that’s what you’ll always be to me!)


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Uncle Cranky!

  1. Ummmm…..you forgot Crank Diddy, the uncle formerly known as Cranky, and my personal favorite Cranky McButterpants. Happy birthday Rick

  2. Adding on..

    Cranky, cranky mo ranky, fee fi fo manky. Cranky.
    Count Crankula

    Ok…I had better stop lol

    Oh…tell her that my birthday was in January too 🙂

    • Haha…thank you. I took your lead.

      (Someone actually calls me “Irish” lol…when I saw that I was like…”How do you know my nickname?” lol…then I looked at what my WordPress name is here haha.)

      • I love it! Katie, you came up with amazing names! I will make Uncle Cranky look at the comments tomorrow to make sure he understands how “awe” inspiring he truly is!

        BTW, I love your sense of humor, Irish Girl! You are awesome, January Girl! (another awesome January B-day Person!)

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