Day 375: Time for a Change

It is time for a change.

It is time to get down to business.  It is time to get serious.  Last year, I started this blog without any knowledge of how I wanted to present myself or what I was going to say.  I picked a soft theme: Bueno– “a pastelly-please-accept-me-into-this-new-world-and-love-me” kind of theme.  A theme that screamed if you do not like me, I will crawl back into my crib and suck my thumb until someone brings me a Ba-ba.  A theme that seemed to cushion every step I took and help me to awaken my senses as I explored the unknown.

Midway through the year I got a little ballsy and changed the background color from pink to green.  Still a pastel green, still a  “sshhh-the-baby-might-be-sleeping” green.  However, I am no longer a baby.   I have grown older and have cultivated real desires; desires that are untamed and need to roam free.  I am a feral cat, an undomesticated tiger.

2013 is about being bold and brazen.  2013 is about challenging myself to explore new worlds, to boldly go where I have never gone before.  To heighten this ballsy mood, I picked a new theme: Splendio.

I have gone from good to splendid.

I have gone from living to being alive.


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