And the Winner Is….

Tomorrow is going to be epic!  Tomorrow starts “Serial Saturdays.”

As I promised a few days ago, I plan on writing a serial fiction story over the course of the next few months.  My plan is to write between 500-1000 words every Saturday.  I will have a week between episodes to mill over where I want the story to go, and sometimes, I am going to ask you, my reader, for your input and feedback.

“Should she or shouldn’t she?”

“What if she…”

“Do you want…. or……?”

You get the idea.  I will come up with some scenarios and then you will drive the text, as you have done with the first installment.

Oh yes, folks, the results of the poll are in:

1. The story should be told in:
37.5 % want it to be a modern-day story.  Flashback only lost by one point, so I would like to include this element as well.

2. The main character should be:
40% decided it should be a woman somewhere between 20-30 years old.

3. The main conflict should revolve around:
Resoundingly, everyone wants to read a story of revenge!  48% of you thought that would make for the best fiction.

To be honest, I don’t know if I would have chosen these elements for myself, so I look forward to challenging myself to try something totally new, and probably a little out of my comfort zone.  As of right now, I have a very loose sketch of how the story will start, and a skeletal outline of a story, but I guess that is what is going to make Serial Saturdays an adventure.

Hope you enjoy!  See you tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “And the Winner Is….

  1. Ohhh ….none of my votes won lol. (I voted for flashback …the catergory was women older than the one voted for … and about love). I think I did predictable votes haha.

    But that is okay … because I am still interested in seeing what you write about. And … I want to vote for more things!

    For instance … will the revenge involve: a) a gun, b) a herd of stampeding llamas, or c) poisoning by blow darts!

    Ok ok … it’s your story … your polls … I will refrain from further poll lobbying haha.

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