I Really Like You, Facebook

Dear Facebook,

Recently I have noticed many people ranting at you.  They are blaming you for sucking all of their time; they are blaming you for what “their friends” are posting; they are blaming you for making them feel inferior.

I find all of these ideas incredulous and absurd.  You do not force these people to spend four hours a day voyeuristically scanning the posts of their friends, trying to find out the nitty-gritty details of relationships and break-ups, sifting through countless picture, but that is what they do.  They do it because they enjoy it.  It’s a little narcissistic self-loathing because all they want to do is narrow-mindedly compare their own lives to the Facebook personas of others.  They somehow think it is you, Facebook, that is belittling their very existence.  But you and I know better.  You like people, and you would never intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings.

Maybe they need to realize that their friends post the pictures and updates that they do because they are the best pictures in the best of times.  Most people don’t discuss their chronic diarrhea or their alcoholic mother.  Most people paint a rose-colored picture to make themselves feel better about their own existence, not to make “friends” feel worse about theirs.   A little less self-comparison would help people enjoy their friends updates as well as their own lives more.

Other people blame you because when they do post, they do not get enough likes or comments.  They either thought they were so witty or so clever or so inspired or so astute.  They had a preconceived notion of what responses they would receive.  Naively, they think that all of their Facebook friends are like-minded individuals who share their same likes and loves.  They forget that the friend they have not seen in twenty years has had different life experiences and probably has a very different world-view.  Instead of realizing that we all have a right to our own opinion, they expect everyone to always agree with everything they say, and when that does not come to fruition, they play the blame game and blame you Facebook for their hurt feelings.

Personally, I really like you.  I like to hear what goes on in the lives of my friends.  It makes me excited to see their children, their vacations, and their fun.  I want to think that my friends are enjoying their lives because they should, we all should.   Of course, I eye roll at those status updates from some of my friends who  seem to use you only to illicit sympathy from everyone else.  They constantly complain about one thing or another– if it is not their children’s sniffles that has them on the verge of a breakdown, then it is the messy house that they cannot seem to get under control.  These people want everyone to say, “Oh poor Baby, you don’t deserve that.”  Facebook, it is not fair to blame you when their friends seem unemotional toward their problems.  Most people go to Facebook to take a break, not wallow in other people’s issues.  And as for the messy house, maybe if they weren’t ogling on the Internet all day long, they would get more accomplished.

No matter what anyone says, I love you.  You allow me to play my favorite game, Tetris Battle, whenever I want.  You remind people when it is my birthday, and then people I do not get to see on a regular basis get to send me sweet messages that make me know that I am loved from a far.  You help me to stay connected with people all over the world.  I mean, let’s be honest, would I talk to half of the people I do had I not this convenient means to do it?  I’d like to think I would send a card or drop an email, but out of sight is out of mind.  I would probably lose touch, and the people who are my friends on Facebook are people I really, really like, so that would actually make me sad.

Facebook, thank you for being there for me.  Thank you for allowing me to get Birthday wishes all day long.   I had to remind my husband it was my birthday, and then he had to remind the kids.  Most of my friends at work forgot.  To be honest, without you, I would probably be having an awful birthday, but I am not.  Because you, Facebook, made sure to remind my friends and family that today was my special day, and in return, they made me feel special.

Love always,





5 thoughts on “I Really Like You, Facebook

  1. interestingly enough, i did not get a fb reminder of your birthday as i do everyone else. I had to go to fb and make sure you didnt unfriend me! or that you had it listed in your status. sure enough it was there, and yet i got no notice. Curse you Fb!! but i remembered anyway!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I feel the same about facebook as you. It’s a brilliant way of keeping in touch with my daughters, family I would never otherwise hear from, and great people I’ve met on holidays. Personally though, I am a bit too addicted to Bejewelled Blitz 😉


    I don’t have facebook … so get NO reminders of any kind. But … one would have thought that having read your Jan 6th post yesterday I would have sent this yesterday. But nooooooo….

    Nevertheless … I hope your yesterday was a grand awesome one. Heck … I wish that for you today too!

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