Day 366: A Spectacular Birthday Present

Tom and I were fortunate enough to take a 22-hour jaunt away from the kiddies.  You know, one of those ‘I-remember-you-and-adult-conversation-Oh,-and-this-is-why-wanted-to-marry-you’ kind of trips.  We traveled a whopping fifteen minutes away to downtown Independence, Ohio.  We chose this specific location because two months ago, I attended a fund-raiser and won a raffle prize: a stay at this particular Double Tree hotel and a fifty dollar gift certificate for dinner.  After the initial conversation about the kids, we found other adult topics and were able to relax and enjoy each other’s company.  It’s funny; a glass of wine tastes so much better when I know I can sip it, indulge in second or even a third if I choose, and not worry about going home to complaining children or being awoken in the middle of the night by a child’s bad dream.  We could have been in any city anywhere, it would have been just as much fun.

Anyway, after watching Vantage Point on FX this morning, we decided we probably needed to get back to reality.  Our good friend Jessica had stayed with the girls, and she probably needed to get back to her own reality.  We gathered our belongings and jumped in the car.

“God, I love getting away, but I always hate the ride home,” Tom jokingly said.

Playing along, I threw in, “I didn’t use the restroom before we left.  Don’t get mad if I we have to stop somewhere along the way.”

“I don’t think there’s any rest areas.  You’re going to have to hold it.”

“Darn it!”

So playful, we inched closer to our house, and the veil of reality cast a shadow over us.  Tomorrow I return to work.  Tomorrow I will be 43.

We pulled into the driveway, and we saw these magnificent snowmen in front of our house.

016 011

Well, they look kind of like blobs, I agree.  But they are mounds of snow decorated to look like snowmen.  They are really rather cute.  Tom grabbed our bag and we walked in; of course, the girls ran and met us at the door.

“Who made those gorgeous snowmen?” I asked hugging each girl tightly.  I wanted so much to get away from them, but seeing them so excited to see us made me realize how much I missed them, too.

“I did!” Maggie said proudly.  “They are your birthday presents.  There’s one for you and one for daddy,” she said proudly.

“I love them!”  And I truly did.  So many times they want to go to the store and buy something, but I don’t need a new pair of gloves or a sweater.  I needed these snowmen, though.  They bring pizzaz to our yard.

She walked over and pulled my hand and brought me to the refrigerator.  Seriously, she spoke.  “I know they will melt, so I also made you this picture so that you will always have the birthday snowman I made for you.


My heart smiled.   One of the best birthday gifts of my life.


5 thoughts on “Day 366: A Spectacular Birthday Present

  1. My wife and I are leaving next weekend for a stay at a distant casino and their hotel. For us it’s getting away from grandchildren, who our daughter must honestly believe is a blessing for us to see every other day. Grrrrrrr!

  2. omg…I don’t know what I want to say congratulations for … for a grand birthday for you … or the wonderful children you have.

    I think most certainly the latter. omg…that was so heartwarming.

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