Day 365: How the Hell Did I Get Here?

You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?

Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground
You may ask yourself, what is that beautiful house?
You may ask yourself, where does that highway lead to?
You may ask yourself, am I right, am I wrong?
You may say to yourself, my god, what have I done?

Time isn’t holding us, time isn’t after us
Time isn’t holding us, time doesn’t hold you back
Time isn’t holding us, time isn’t after us
Time isn’t holding us…    (Talking Heads)

Day 365! 

I have never accomplished a goal of this magnitude in my life.  The best part of this goal is that there is no tangible reward.  There is no certificate of achievement, no medallion to hang around my neck, no plaque for the wall.  All of these words did not land me a book deal or a magazine byline.  No one is knocking on my door trying to present me with a giant check. No handshakes, no slaps on the back, no “That’a Girl.”

The craziest thing is that I am okay with that.  I thought I wanted to turn into some famous writer and get discovered this year.  What I have learned is that in the process of writing, I have discovered myself.  Who I was 365 days ago is not the same person that I am today.  Oh, I liked that girl– she was smart and sassy.  She had a good sense of humor and boy, did she love to tell stories!  But this new me!  She is a woman to be reckoned! Oh she still maintains the qualities of old, maybe a bit more polished in some regards, but she has also developed into someone new.  This new me has developed a sense of calm, a new feeling of confidence, and unbeknownst to any of us–  she found moxie!

To you, my beloved readers, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have helped me grow into a woman I never knew I could be.  I always thought “things” were going to make me happy.  Even though my father time and again said, “He who dies with the most things doesn’t win because dead is dead,” I always thought I needed to strive to have possessions to prove to people I was happy, to prove to people I was a success.  I now realize that happiness and success are intrinsic.  I have swam in the ocean of growth, and have been satiated beyond words.  I have found real happiness through writing, and to be honest, I feel both honored and humbled that I was able to entertain so many people for an entire year– a true success!

Even though I have one more day until I have officially written for an entire year, I am going to share my personal recap.

Since January 7, 2012 when this blog went live:
I have had a total of 25, 536 views
637 views on my most busiest day

Since February 25, 2012 (It wouldn’t give me stats before this date)
I have been visited by people from 101 different countries.

I have 277 followers via email, and a great deal more who just follow in their Reader.


My home page/archives has been hit 8,415 times.  Now remember, when you go to the home page, you can read ten blogs!  I think my stats may be skewed by this fact, not that I find my statistics to be trivial, I just thought I would mention it.

2. Day 318: Haunted by the Magic Mirror has been hit 1,172 times.  Thank you Freshly Pressed for that one!

3. About and Titles has been hit 403 times, which I find completely hilarious!  People want to know about me?  Lil’ Ole’ me!?!

4. Day 148: I Have the Statue of Liberty in My House has been hit 158 times.

5. Day 163: A Tribute to My Dad has been hit 152 times.

This post is not a swan song.  This post is not a goodbye.  I will continue to write, and hopefully you will continue to read.  This love affair cannot stop!

Dear 8 pound 6 ounce Baby Jesus, someday I hope this is me!

Dear 8 pound 6 ounce Baby Jesus, someday I hope this is me!

P.S.  I have a little confession.  Maybe it’s because I have seen Happy Gilmore one too many times, but I really do want a big check– a really, really big check.






7 thoughts on “Day 365: How the Hell Did I Get Here?

  1. LOL..I was going to give you a ‘That’s a gir!” too … but Jeremy beat me to it.

    Actually … so what?

    THAT”S A GIRL! Woooo hoooo on near a year now! (And I love that Talking Heads song by the way.)

  2. Let me say it too!!! That’ A Girl!!!! Great Job!! I didn’t miss a day!! I may not have read it on the day you wrote, but read every single entry. Will continue to do so as often as you would like write. I am so proud of you!! Also, Ed McMahon is on his way over with a really big check right now!!!

  3. Congratulations! You have accomplished something few people have. Writing can only be described as self-satisfying. There is absolutely no substitute for the shear love of writing. Every writer strives to be published, which is a noble endeavor, But, believe me, even seeing one’s name in print loses its luster after a while. I know. Though I certainly never had a book published, my outdoor humor articles have been published countless times. And after the newness of that wore off, I still found myself sitting all alone before a keyboard. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the extra paycheck as well as the next guy. But, in actuality, the fee paid divided by the hours spent putting the story together, I would have made more money working in a third-world sweat shop. If it had not been for my love of writing, finding myself snickering at the stories I concocted right before my eyes, I would have quit long before. You are a very good writer. And, believe me, I don’t say that lightly. But more importantly, you have the passion! I look forward to another year of reading your posts.

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