Day 364: 125 Years of Service to Our Great Nation!

On Day Two of being a pseudo-stay-at-home-mom, I found myself in a mom-like routine.  I dropped the kiddies off at school, came home, made a cup of coffee, and turned on the Today show.  Of course, every story was either about what’s hot for 2013 or how to stay motivated to diet and exercise in the new year.  Oddly, I felt a little deja-vu.  In 1993 while still in undergraduate, the Today show aired these exact same stories, they were just told by different talking heads.

Anyway, the program panned to our local NBC affiliate and the weather anchor reminded the local viewing audience how redonkulously cold it is here in Cleveland.  Hearing about how it is 8 degrees with the 20 MPH winds, I felt such a chill run through my body that I actually got up and got out a blankie to lay over my feet and legs.  I sipped my going cold coffee and just as I was about to get up to make another cup, a news anchor began an interview with an ADT manager about the benefits of a home security system.  I do not know why, but I was captivated by the man’s spiel:

  • Do you know that most break-ins happen during the day when most people are at work?
  • Do you know that we are giving the systems away right now?  That’s right, I said giving the systems away!  That is an $850.00 value for free.  (God, I love free stuff!)
  • To install the system it costs $99.00, but today only, we are  giving $100.00 Visa gift card to the first one-hundred callers.  (So they are paying me to get protected?)
  • An alarm system can save you 20% off of your home owner’s insurance.
  • It costs less than a dollar a day to insure the safety of your loved ones, peace of mind that no one will take your family heirlooms, a and a guarantee that no one could hurt your beloved pet.

I was just about to pick up the phone and dial, but then the man said this:  Yes, ADT is the best home security on the market.  We have been protecting people for 125 years.

Um, what?  125 years?  So, ah, this man is claiming that ADT has been in business since 1888?

I’d like to now imagine what ADT did in 1888?  Surely, they did not protect all of those innocent girls from Jack the Ripper.  Oh wait, that was in London; I don’t know if ADT is an international company.

The start-up ADT store had one location and a few employees.  I would imagine that the employees were young, single males because without electricity or phones, the ADT home security service was really just a guy monitoring your home.

Hi! Welcome to ADT.  This is your new Home Security system.  His name is Bill and he draws his Sabre to any and all intruders!

Hi! Welcome to ADT. This is your new Home Security system. His name is Bill and he draws his Sabre to any and all intruders!

What would that be like, I wonder?   How did he sound the alarm?  Did he yell, “Weeeeee-ooooo  Weeeeeee-oo Weeeeee-oo” anytime he anticipated an intruder?  What if you forgot the code?  How many times have I forgotten an alarm code.  “Shut that guy up!” We would all be screaming as he continued to sound his alarm.  “Weeeeee-ooooo  Weeeeeee-oo Weeeeee-oo!”

Did your new home security system take up residence with you or was he at your beck and call?  If he moved in, where did he sleep? It is my understanding that the average family in 1888 shared the two or three beds they had.  It was not uncommon for two or more children to sleep in the same bed.  Did the ADT “system” warm up with the kids or the parents?  Did you have to feed him or did he bring his own food?  Who did his laundry?  And what about holidays?  I expect my alarm system to be working on holidays!  I am sure any and all home security system owners in 1888 felt the same way.

It is very few companies that can survive the test of time.  The evolution of said company must have been huge– with the advent of electricity, phones, women’s suffrage, and civil rights– ADT went from a few men on horses to a multi-gender, multi-racial computer oriented dynamo of the present.

Here’s to you ADT!  125 years of fine service!


2 thoughts on “Day 364: 125 Years of Service to Our Great Nation!

  1. That is soooo funny! My niece’s husband installs alarms for ADT. I’ll have to ask him about that historical length of his company being in business. A while back he gave us a few window stickers and a couple of stick-in-the ground signs to put in view. He said that is a deterant in itself. Also, I don’t know how it is in your state, but a few years back our home was burglarized. I mean, the house was ransacked! I told the investigating officer that maybe I should install a security system. And this is what he said: Because so many security system alarms are false, responding to those alarms is a low priority….Just a little food for thought.

    • Richard that is terrible that your home was ransacked – not to make light (but just a little) But dont you wish you had Bill yelling “WEEEEEEEEE-OO WEEEEEEEEEE-OO” instead of just a picture of Bill in your Window? dessert for thought.

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