Day 345: I Am Wealthy

I  awoke this morning in one of those “God-I-Love-My-Life” kind of moods.  In the wake of the horrifying events in Newtown Connecticut, I have been forced yet again to take stock and reevaluate what is important to me.  I have for a long time regretted the financial mistakes that Tom and I have made in the last ten years.  Gosh, if we wouldn’t have co-signed that loan for Mom and Dad, I sometimes think, we could probably have been able to save money and move into a bigger house.  Yes, I have done my fair share of equating happiness with monetary advancement.  I have done my fair share of coveting what I cannot afford.

What I need to do is slap myself in the face, punch my own lights out, chastise myself for the shallowness of these thoughts.  Wealth?  I want wealth?  I am wealthy!  I am rich!  I have three great kids– children who make me laugh, who make me think, who make me proud.  I have a husband who takes care of my heart.  I have friends with whom I share moments and memories, people who enrich me in a way that an extra 1000 square feet could never do.  At the end of the day, I get to crawl into bed and think about the happy moments I experienced, and I shut my eyes and dream of the moments I will create.

I know that all of those mourning parents would give up any monetary possession for the chance to hold their child again.  Those moms and dads would give up every fancy vacation, every luxury they have, just to sit on the floor of the livingroom and laugh with their child over a game of Candyland.  I am so sad for their loss.

Today, I will hug harder; I will give more kisses; I will remind those people who are important to me that I love them.


6 thoughts on “Day 345: I Am Wealthy

  1. I hold strong to your beliefs. The people I know whose monthly income far exceeds my wife and mine, simply figure out ways to spend it, and end up no better than us. And all one has to do is read the stories of the wealthy. They are no happier than us, and, in many cases, less. Though countless people chase it, money does not buy happiness. But there is no price that can be put on happiness and piece of mind, and yet can be free for the taking.

  2. As i wrapped my children’s christmas presents today i cried. I cried for all of those poor families who will not see the look on their childrens face on christmas morning again. We live hundreds of miles away yet my heart aches for them as if they were all family.

  3. Money is nothing – children are everything. As long as we have enough to feed them and keep them safe and warm we really need nothing else in life. I hope your words reach a lot of people because what you’ve said is so true…

  4. When my grandpa passed away last year, he left a letter. I read it at the memorial service, and it went like this…

    “I, your husband, father, brother, and grandfather, am a very rich man. Wealthier than Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and even the Queen of England.”

    (He then proceeded to write about all of his family.)

    “If I wrote each of you a check for a million dollars, I’m afraid they would all bounce. But think about this: multimillionaire Donald Trump, billionaires Bill Gates and Queen Elizabeth of England could, if they wanted, write all of you a check for a million dollars and it would not put a dent in their checking accounts. But their riches are only in dollars, and in heaven, they don’t accept cash or checks; and you can’t buy your way in. I am blessed in knowing if I am accepted into heaven when my time comes, that I will take with me the love and joy of having been with all of you. For God has blessed me with being a small part of your lives.”

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