Day 344: Bring Back the Old Format of Freshly Pressed!

Dear WordPress,

deuceWhat the Deuce?

No more Freshly Pressed page?  No more titles and sixteen pictures to entice the reader?  No more chance to open up and see yourself among one of the chosen?   It has been demoted to a link in the Reader feed?

This is a travesty, Ladies and Gentlemen!  This is an absolute travesty!

I get why you did it.  People who visit the Freshly Pressed page are less likely to click the button to get them to the older Freshly Pressed posts.  Hence, if someone missed a few days of checking said page, they may have missed some amazing writing.  This new way allows for all of the posts to continuously scroll, the way they do in the Reader.  Scrolling down, in less than a minute, I was able to find my Freshly Pressed blog that was written 3 weeks and 2 days ago.  Who knows how many “older” pages I would have had to go through to find it?

That's me up in the corner!

That’s me up in the corner!

As great as it was to find myself so quickly, I think all WordPress bloggers would agree that to open the Freshly Pressed page and see yourself as one of sixteen– only sixteen— is a Herculean accomplishment worth striving for!  Freshly Pressed was the mecca of the blogosphere!  It was the pilgrimage we all start off trying to walk, but only a select few can be “the chosen” who make it to the Promised Land.   And to be the chosen means something!

So you are telling me no other blogger will ever have the chance to take a picture of themselves on the Freshly Pressed page?  No other blogger will have the chance to watch their blog move position over the course of three or four days?  No one else will be able to click on that “Freshly Pressed” button and say, “There I am!  I have made it!  I have arrived!”

I do hope you reconsider this drastic change.  New is not always better.  Change is not always good.  For the love of everything sacred, bring back the original Freshly Pressed format!  Allow the future Freshly Pressed to be able to bask in the glory of their achievement by being able to stare at their blog on this wonderful page on the computer screen.

Yours Truly,

A Concerned Blogger


7 thoughts on “Day 344: Bring Back the Old Format of Freshly Pressed!

  1. I completely agree. I hate change. And I miss the old Freshly Pressed page. It was nice to go there and browse (and what’s so difficult to hit the back button and read older Freshly Pressed posts?). Hoping the change is just a try-out.

  2. I also agree… an I also thought I was doing something wrong, which kept sending me to my reading list… I got so used to the old style, with the thumbnails, and the title/blogger underneath… change is hard… I’m sure it’s a committed trial for the upcoming year.. and we’re just old sheep… we like the old/usual/known path… 😮 Just saying… maybe I’ll get used to the change… maybe we all will… but for the time being, I’m not liking it… if I have any saying… 😮 Thanks for sharing your thoughts… and, BTW, loved the picture… he’s and adorable-annoying kid! 😮

  3. I totally agree! I hate what they’ve done. I’ve never been Freshly Pressed but I liked the way it was done. I’m not a huge user of the blog reader thing since I don’t like how it works so I really detest having Freshly Pressed in it. It needs it’s own seperate page. It was smooth and straightforward. Booooourns to change 😦

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