Day 339: Saving Money this Christmas Season

The Christmas list grows exponentially daily.  The onslaught of TV commercials and Internet ads reminds the girls of all the stuff they do not have but are growing to covet: all of the marketed novelties that promise hours of enjoyment and mountains of memories.  All the marketed crap that gets shoved under the couch before the tree is even down.

Today, Lizzie informed me that she wants Epic Mickey 2 for the Wii.  Of course, she barely plays Epic Mickey, so I think Santa would be foolish to buy the second version when she hasn’t even mastered the first one yet.

“You know, you have asked Santa for a lot of stuff already.”

“I know, Mommy.”

“And I bet Santa has finalized his list.  I think he starts packing the sleigh about now.  He does have a ton of kids to deliver to.”

“Okay, but I am just going to ask,” she said.

“Okay, go ahead.”

Lizzie clasped her hands in a prayer-like fashion and tilted her head back.  She shut her eyes and spoke into the cosmos.  “Please, please, please Santa!  If you haven’t started to pack the sleigh, can I please have Epic Mickey 2?  Please.”  She opened her eyes, unclasped her hands, and smiled at me.  “It never hurts to ask, right Mommy?”

“No Honey, it never hurts to ask.”

Just then she reclasped her hands, tilted her head and shut her eyes again.  “Oh, and I need a new glue stick for school, Santa.  Can I get one of those, too?”  She opened her eyes and smiled even wider.  “There Mommy, Santa can bring me a glue stick and I can save you some money.”  glue-stick_300


That Lizzie, always looking out for her mom!


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