Day 307: New Title/New Tagline

Wouldn’t you know, with 60 posts left in “The Year of the Blog”, I learned how to change the title of my page and add a tagline!  It’s not like I’m on WordPress a dozen times a day.  It’s not like I haven’t seen all of those other awesome blog sites with awesome titles.  It’s not like a sat around envious of other blogger’s cool names, wondering how they changed their title.  I mean, I have adored the nuance of titles like Becoming Cliche, 25toFly, and Jump for Joy, but I never knew how to have an ingenious title of my very own.

What I’d like you to believe is that I was just trying to be boldly ambiguous.  cherylhuffer— definitely lends itself to ambiguity.  Sure, it’s smart to try to attract people to a page with a snappy title, but if you don’t know how to do it, it’s a little difficult.  At best I hoped people would think, Who is this cherylhuffer? What does she have to say?

I learned this fun fact about changing the title and adding a tagline from The Daily Post.  For those of you not in the blogging community, The Daily Post is the blog I told to “F” off a few weeks ago.  They are some of the editors of Freshly Pressed.  After my rant, I decided to subscribe to their page so that I could further feel slighted by the blogging world because you know, I have felt that I have deserved some recognition for some time now.  However, I actually have found some of their ideas motivating, and obviously, informative (Case in Point: New Title).

Any who, what do you think of the title: Life As I Understand It?  Appropriate?  For 306 days, I have worked my way through memories, moments, anxieties, and laughter.  This blog is a commingling of all of my thoughts, my worries, my strengths, and my weaknesses.  It epitomizes my understanding of life and how I think I fit into this world.  The tag seemed equally poetic: Where Inspiration and Humor Collide.

It took me a few minutes to come up with this impressive appellation.  I tossed around a few ideas before I chose the one I did.  Thought you might like to peruse my other ideas.

  1. Cool Chicks Don’t Die, They Turn Into Moms Who Write Blogs.  (Not bad, right?  But then I thought it was a little morbid, and if you read regularly, you know I am deathly afraid of death.)
  2. Dogs Walk on Four Legs; I Walk on Two.  (I love dogs.  I love walking.  It seemed to make sense.  Well, at least for a second it did.)
  3. All I Hear Is Laughter. (True at times, but what about the blogs that are sentimental and make people feel emotion?  I thought it gave the wrong impression; I am not always funny.)
  4. Thank You, I Would Like Another.  (Another what?  I kind of liked the ambiguity.  Another blog?  Another idea?  Another glass of wine?)
  5. Metaphor And Symbol; Motif and Flashback.  (Way too English teachery.  Blah!)
  6. Doesn’t Tom Know I Am Funnier?  (A constant battle between husband and wife.)
  7. Winning! (Too Charlie Sheenesque.  I haven’t jumped off the deep end into insanity yet.)
  8. If I Wasn’t Me, I’d Want to Be Me.’  (I love this one, except I think it is grammatically incorrect.  I think after the “to be” I am supposed to use “I”, and I don’t like the way it sounds with “I”, so I will not say it at all.  Although I think it.)
  9. I Write Because I Have to Write.  (Sounds too I-am-so-deep-you-should-read-this-blog-becuase-I-can-cause-such-a-spectacular-paradigm-shift-in- your-way-of-thinking-that-you-will-never-be-the-same, which of course, is so untrue!)
  10. Sho’ Me the Money! (What money?  I write everyday for free!  I think this one is a byproduct of rewatching Jerry McGuire last Sunday.)

So, after all was said and done, I went with Life As I Understand It: Where Inspiration and Humor Collide.

What do you think?


10 thoughts on “Day 307: New Title/New Tagline

  1. Thanks for the shout Cheryl. I liked the ambiguity of just your name as the title. It had a vibe of, “Wow, this woman must be important if she used HER name as her blog title. Cool”.

    I do like the new title, but I REALLY like #8 on your brainstorm list. I think it represents the funny AND the serious about your blog. I don’t think the “me” at the end is incorrect (but then again, ‘m not the English teacher either) but even if it is, I don’t think it would matter. A lot of people purposefully play with grammar in their titles. Wonderful post and applause to you for learning something new!

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