Day 304: 10 Random Things

1. I often think about being a novelist, but that is as far is it goes. My Honors 11 students promised that if I wrote a novel they would buy it, read it, and force their friends to buy it, too.  Hmmm, that’s good for about 200 copies sold!

2. I cannot believe how much I love my girls.  After Carson was born, I did not think I could feel so much love for anyone else, then came Maggie and then came Lizzie, and my heart expanded in size ten-fold (hence the weight gain and the lack of ability to lose it.)

3. I think I stopped aging mentally at 25.  I find that I can talk to almost anyone on their level and I think that has something to do with being permanently 25.

4. Once, when I was about 22, I made out with 17 different boys in 17 consecutive days.

5. When I finally reached ten centimeters with Carson, I started to push at 11:00 PM.  Fifteen minutes in I asked how much longer it would take.  The doctor was not in the room; it was just a nurse.  “You will probably push for a couple of hours,” she said to me.   In complete horror, I looked at her, “Can you just get the forceps and get this kid out of me?”  Carson was delivered at 1:05 AM.

6. It took me seven years to get through undergraduate.  I was kind of a mess back then.

7. My most inspired moment came at about nine years old.  I was questioning my father about life, and he said, “It’s kind of  like a roller coaster ride.   Lots of ups-and-downs.”  I, in a state of wisdom, responded, “I guess that’s all right, but I kind of like the nice easy turns.”

8. About a month ago, I was in the grocery story shopping by myself.  When I got to the check out, I had a lovely conversation with a woman in line in front of me.  She looked about my age.  She had what I presume were the fixings for dinner: a rotisserie chicken, a bag of potatoes, a bag of carrots, and a bottle of wine.  She seemlessly checked out. Next, I went through the line with the same cashier.  When the cashier got to my bottle of wine, she looked at me and said, “I will need to see your ID.”  I giggled.  “Okay, I will be happy to show you my ID,” I responded.  While I dug through my wallet to find it, the cashier felt the need to justify asking for it.  “I have to card anyone who looks thirty and under,” she continued.  Again, I chuckled.   I handed her the ID, and if she were a cartoon character, her eyes would have come out of her head.  “I did not expect that!” she said handing it back to me smiling.  (Yeah, me either.  How about’cha this side of 43!)

9. I have always had my own eclectic style.  When I was in high school, I decided I really wanted horn-rimmed glasses, but my vision was 20/20.  I decided that I would wear them anyway.  I went to a Pearl Vision Center and bought myself a very nice set of frames; I popped out the lenses and wore them every day.  Looking back, I spent a great deal of money on vanity, but damn, I looked cute!

10.  My life is nothing what I expected it to be.  I don’t know what I expected, but this is not it.  As negative as that sounds, it is not.  I breathe in the air everyday and thank God for everything– my family, my friends, my good days, and the troubles and tribulations that make the easy days seem exceptionally good.

Okay, one more.  I believe the children are our future.  And if all else fails, you can blame it on me.


12 thoughts on “Day 304: 10 Random Things

  1. I feel like I’m still 25 too. Actually more like 27. I can still play basketball for 2-3 hours without stopping, the only difference is now my body yells at me for the next 2 days for doing that to it.
    17 in 17 days!! As a 27 year old self I might have a different opinion of that. As it stands now….good for you.

    I thought the exact same thing about CJ. I worried that there was no way I could love Jackson as much as I did CJ so I felt very guilty even before Jackson was born. The capacity to love is awesome.

    I enjoy the easy turns too. The long anxious climbs followed by the short but extreme thrills always balance out though. It’s the whole ride that leaves the impression.

  2. Comment on Random thought #1. Also taught HS English, which it sounds like you do. I cherish a letter from a former student challenging me to write that novel. Exploring ideas appeals to me. I love to read fiction, but have no desire to write it. My kids have a long wait.

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