Day 301: Charlie Sheen Needs a Reality Check

So, sometimes I look to the news for inspiration.  One cannot turn on a television, open a newspaper, or go on-line without seeing dramatic pictures of the east coast and the destruction that Sandy has caused.  I scroll through MSN’s home page and find story after story about the devastation of the region.  Five days later, people are still without power, and with the threat of a Nor’easter looming, it looks like the clean up and the ability to return to “normal” will take longer than hoped.  Some people’s lives have been changed forever.  Many coastlines have been altered, and certain parts of New Jersey and New York will never be the same.

For the majority of us, our hearts bleed for those who are suffering.  We donate time or money to help people get back on their feet.  We pray for their recovery.  However, not everyone is paying attention.  Some, we might say, have even lost perspective on what’s important in life.  Take Charlie Sheen for instance. He is so narcissistic and so egocentric that instead of offering help to his fellow-man, he is shoving it up his nose.  It is reported that he has been doing cocaine, throwing lavish parties, and hiring some very expensive female escorts to keep him company.  Rumor has it that he even paid for vaginal reconstruction surgery for one of these ladies!  Seriously?  Perspective!  Such vanity and pomposity!

It seems that all that money has gone to his head.  Instead of taking on the role of a humanitarian, he wastes his money on self-indulgence.  It is shameful and sad to me that he cannot see that he could do something of importance, something to make his children proud.  Don’t celebrities think about their children’s reactions?  I know I do.  I try to conduct myself in such a way as not to cause my children embarrassment or shame.  All the money in the world cannot take away the humiliation and mortification caused by his conduct and his reputation.

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee, Mr. Sheen.  Get over yourself and contribute something of worth to the human race!




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