Day 294: Ghost Stories Part I

Growing up I was always afraid of ghosts.  Every night when I went to bed, before I turned out the light, I had to make sure my closet doors were shut and nothing was under my bed.  Even after taking all of  these precautions, I would jump into bed, just in case someone was going to mystically appear and grab my feet.

After my dad passed away, weird events started occurring.  I had never really believed that spirits could communicate with us.  Nonetheless, I truly believe my dad lingered around for a while to make sure we were okay.

Here are two occasions that make me believe he was trying to show he was still with us:

1. My parents had a corner wall clock in their kitchen that my father had built from a kit.   It ran on two AA batteries.  Every six months, when my father changed the batteries in the fire detectors, he changed the batteries of the clock.  However, about a month before he passed away, the clock stopped working.  I was over their house one day and I asked him if he was going to fix it.  He said, “Yeah, I need to remember to pick up AA batteries next time I am at the store.”  However, a week later my mom died, and the clock’s ability to tick suddenly became inconsequential.  He was mourning the death of his life partner, his best friend.  He did not care if time ever moved again because he did not feel that he could move without her.  Three weeks later to the day, he passed away.

My brother and I quickly started to work to put their affairs in order.  We had to clean out their house and have an estate sale.  Rick and I met there every day for a few weeks to try to make sense of all the things we had to do.  My father’s best friend, Keith,  came over many mornings to help as well.  One day, we were sitting in the kitchen looking over some paperwork.  Keith happened to gaze out the window into the backyard, when he did, he happened to look up at the clock.

“Why did you guys put batteries in the clock?” he questioned.  We all looked up.  Not only was it working, it was the correct time.

“I didn’t,” I said.  I looked at my brother.

“Neither did I,” he said.

No one had touched the clock, and yet here it was, almost six weeks since the batteries had run dry, the clock my dad had built was telling correct time.

2. As I have mentioned before, my parents were in grave debt.  A few months before they died, they had sold their business, and the lawyers needed the money from the sale to pay off their bills.  However, the man to whom they had sold their business stopped paying his monthly installment.  They were dead, so he thought, he just got the business for free.  (Mind you, he was paying a corporation, not my parents– this man was really just an idiot!)

After the second payment was not sent, Tom decided he would go talk with this man whom I will call George.  Tom had worked with my parents, he had been involved in the sale of the business, so Tom knew George well enough that he believed he could talk some sense into George so that we would not have to involve the lawyers.

Tom went into the bar and asked George if they could talk.  He explained to George that he stilled owed 54 payments.  He told George he was paying a corporation, and corporations do not die, people die.  Thus, he needed George to pay the two months he missed because the corporation had bills.  George, not the brightest crayon in the box, disagreed with Tom.  He even went so far as to say his lawyer told him he didn’t owe anymore.

Disgusted, Tom stood up.  He was not going to get through to this moronic man.   “If that’s the case, than your lawyer is even more stupid than you are!   Our lawyer will be in touch,” he said.    He left agitated.

Within one minute of Tom walking out, a television that had been bracketed to the wall, smashed to the ground.  The bracket remained undisturbed.


Some people may say these incidences prove nothing.  I truly believe my father was lingering to make sure we were going to be okay.  I was strangely comforted by his presence.


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