Day 268: Goodness

I really believed that I pissed off Karma.  Maybe I did.  However, last night, she was willing to throw me a bone.

I went to a fundraiser last night for a friend’s daughter’s sports team.  You know the kind: twenty bucks to get in the door– food, draft beer, side boards, and raffles.  Usually, I justify spending a hundred dollars or more because “it’s for the kids,” and I like to gamble and drink, so it is easy to convince myself to spend money.

I went to this fundraiser last night with a hundred in my pocket that I was willing to lose.  I played ten on a $2.00 fifty/fifty board that paid two-hundred.  I played $5.00 on a five dollar fifty/fifty board that paid four spots.   I realized that a lottery ticket side board was available.  For $5.00, I got a 1 in 20 chance of winning $100.00 in lottery tickets.  Too good to be true?  Absolutely!   This board was available five times; I needed to play all five boards.

I played and played and lost.  I picked number 53;  the winning number was 52!  I picked number 88; the winning number was 89!  GGGGrrrrrrr!  Karma was screwing with me, one number difference every time, but I didn’t care; I was at a fundraiser, and I wanted to spend my money!

I don’t know if it was my total disregard for Karma or my willingness to give, but some cosmic shift happened.  My luck changed, and so did everyone’s at my table.  I won the last “lottery tree,” which actually scored me $70.00 in scratch offs.  I put $5.00 into a drawing for ” the amazing prizes”, knowing that it was a donation, but I won a night in a hotel, a restaurant gift certificate, and two bottles of wine!  My friends won money, corn hole boards, and a 42-inch flat screen TV!

I woke this morning feeling lighter.  My life has had some curve balls.  I have had some financially disturbing moments in the last two weeks.   I have cried.  I have felt sorrow.  I have lamented my bad luck.  Yet yesterday, time stopped and goodness rained.  I have been reminded that life is good and that bad things happen.  I have been reminded that when I feel the most desperate, if I am willing to wait, I get a sign.

One with the universe.  One with the universe.  Shalom.  Namaste.  Peace.


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