Day 247: An Open Letter to the Editors of Freshly Pressed

The Old Molly

Dear Freshly Pressed,

Hi. You don’t know me.  I’m the girl in class that you ignore because I am not popular enough for you.  You have never given me a chance.   You don’t think I have the right clothes or something.  Some of your friends actually cruelly nominated me for hostess of Banquet Night at school.  Sorry, I am not going to buy Ugg Boots just because  everyone else is buying Ugg boots.  Maybe you should be less shallow, and get to know me for who I am because you will probably find that you like me.  I have a great deal to say.  I have written 246 posts in 246 days.

I spend most of my waking hours thinking about what I want to write, and usually, two hours a day writing it down.  I write because I love to write.  My readers like it because they never know what to expect each day. For 246 days I have written memories, anecdotes, moments, and experiences.  Some days I am so funny, my readers laugh out loud; other days I create such thoughtful stories, I bring my readers to tears.

Not every day is awesome, but I write every day.



In 246 days, you have never taken notice, and to be honest, my feelings are hurt.  I read Freshly Pressed often, and I know that I have had several posts that are of the caliber to be noticed, but for whatever reason, you don’t notice.

In the beginning, you had reason not to notice.  I set up my blog page on my birthday.  After a few celebratory glasses of wine, I thought Why not try writing again?  I majored in creative writing in college; it has always been my dream.  Why not?  I chose WordPress because some of my former students were using the site; I liked it better than Blogspot.  When I told my husband what I was planning to do, he did not take me seriously.  Hell, I don’t know if I took me seriously, but I wrote.  My Facebook friends took notice, my friends took notice, and every once in a while, a blogger took notice as well.   By day seventeen, I knew I could not stop.  I had to write.

Flash forward a few months.  I realized every blog I read on the Freshly Pressed page had tags.  Tags?  Uh-oh; I had not yet tagged a post.  Not only did I begin to tag, but I went back and tagged the 80-ish posts that had never been tagged.  I believed this error in judgment was where I had gone awry.  Surely, I would write something of substance that would earn me a spot on Freshly Pressed now that I had learned how to tag!

However, you still didn’t notice.  It’s like I went out and got a new haircut and bought those Ugg boots everyone wears, but you still didn’t give me the time of day.

I felt frustration.  I went to the WordPress homepage and read up on Freshly Pressed.  I realized that you like photography and drawings.  I did not have many posts with pictures.  Obviously, a mistake. About four months in, I started illustrating posts when appropriate.

Day 120-ish through yesterday: I worked to get noticed… to no avail.

So, what do I think?

I have never seen a Freshly Pressed entry with a “Day….” in the title.  I do not know if having a daily count makes my posts passed over.  I have had some amazing titles, but I always start with “Day…” and the number.  Maybe you have filters and my titles are not exciting enough for you.  However, I think I deserve accolades.  I am a working mother of three, and I still find time to write every day.  I am a working mother of three, and I find time to bring readers to your site every day.

Is it that I publish at the wrong time?  I am unsure when the editing staff is on-line reading posts.  In my American-egocentric-Eastern time zone way, maybe I misjudge the time I should be hitting the publish button.  Maybe the people who need to read me are out to lunch,  having a cocktail, or fast asleep.

Whatever the case, I have resigned myself to the fact that this is the last time I will bring this topic up.  119 days left to reach my goal.  The approvals that matter are the likes, the comments, the texts, the emails, and the phone calls.  I am touching people.  I have developed a voice.  I craft stories, and damn it, I can write funny!

Someday, when I finally fulfill the prophesy awarded to me by the Magnificat Class of 1988, I am going to laugh in the face of WordPress.  You are clearly unwilling to see me for who I am.  However, enough people do.  I am like Molly Webber, the girl that everyone laughed at.  Marcia Brady saw her true beauty, and like her, I will be noticed.

The New Molly

When I am being interviewed by Matt Lauer on the Today Show, this year of writing will not slip my mind.   Whether you recognize my talents and efforts or not, I will speak about my growth on your site.  I will not be petty.  Your unwillingness to acknowledge me will not deter me.  I committed to writing 366 days in a row, and I plan on executing this goal.


8 thoughts on “Day 247: An Open Letter to the Editors of Freshly Pressed

  1. “Some days I am so funny, my readers laugh out loud; other days I create such thoughtful stories, I bring my readers to tears.” — Girl, sooooo true. I love your drive and your writing. I look forward to reading every day. You have made me laugh and cry. I only wish I had been around 246 days ago to be with you from the beginning. So glad to be with you now and will celebrate with you when you hit the one year mark!

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