Day 235: My Life Is Nothing More Than A Paradox

I love with all of my heart, and because of this, I have more heart.

I do not work in the summer and stay home all day.  I do more housework during the school year when I am out of the house for nine hours a day.

I am more awake when I get less sleep.

The more money we seem to make the less money we seem to have.

Usually, I wake up sore after a day when I do nothing.

I have fewer ideas when I am more academic.

I get myself in the most trouble when I tell the truth.

I am at my most miserable when I am at my most happiest.

I often tell my students that in the scheme of things, I know nothing at all.

To make a friend you have to be a friend.

Being a mother makes me behave more like a child.

I never try to make myself happy; thus, I am almost always happy.

I always get excited for my next birthday, you know, the one that is closer to my death day.

I often times cannot decide if what I am remembering is memory or dream.

I am most agitated when I am most at ease.

I find it easier to take the blame when I didn’t do it.

I long for my children’s independence; I fear the day my children don’t need me anymore.

I have been successful at all of my failures.

On the first day of vacation, I already regret that it is about to end.

I often think I am afraid of success because I worry that if I ever got all I ever wanted, I might realize it was nothing that I ever wanted at all.

I fear that the more educated Americans get the more stupid we become as a nation.


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