Day 217: The Fortune Cookie Says…

My favorite part about getting Chinese food for dinner has always revolved around  the fortune cookie.  I am a sucker for luck, and even more so for some kind omen– something to foreshadow the events that are to come in my life.  To crack into that delectable little cookie means possibility.  I believe that somehow the message inside will have some influence over my life.  I believe in serendipity.

I have believed in the magic of fortune cookies since the 1980 movie Oh God: Book 2 was released.  When the little girl went to dinner with her father and she got the message from God in the fortune cookie I thought, “Why couldn’t these little cookies hold some kind of magical powers?”  I’m not saying that I expect God to drop me a line in a fortune cookie so we can meet and chat (although it would be nice, I have a few questions I’d like clarified), but I am saying why not believe in the idea that maybe something magical can happen with a little faith.

Tonight, I did not feel like cooking dinner.  I wasn’t exactly in the mood to go out to dinner, but I wanted something more alluring than pizza or fast food.  I texted Tom at work, and we agreed upon Chinese food.  We haven’t had it in quite a while, and the portions are so large it is really like buying two meals.  Thus, I ordered the food and Tom picked it up on his way home from work.

I happily devoured my won ton soup, fried rice, and chicken with broccoli.  Each bite was delectable savoriness.  Right when I thought I could not eat another bite, I reached for my fortune cookie.


I cracked it open, took a deep breath, and read: Be on the lookout for coming events; they cast their shadows beforehand!  I read it three times to digest the wisdom of these words while I ate the cookie because everyone knows if you don’t eat the cookie, the fortune will not come true.  (Fortune cookie luck falls into the same category as blowing out all the birthday candles.)

What it said to me is that change is looming, and I will know when it is on its way.  A string of events will be put into motion that will cast a proverbial shadow, like a tree in the sunlight.  Change.  I love when life’s course changes direction and what I thought would be the future doesn’t come to fruition because life has suddenly changed direction and I am on  a different course.

I liked this fortune.  I will spend days on the look out for the shadow– maybe it will come at the wedding we attend tomorrow, maybe it will come when I go into school on Wednesday, maybe it will come from you, my reader!

Who knows, but I am ready for the prospect of a future I have not yet imagined.




3 thoughts on “Day 217: The Fortune Cookie Says…

  1. Tonight I’m sitting for my first time in a Chinese Restaurant in Culver City and had spicy chicken and rice. Of course I share the same feelings towards breaking open a fortune cookie to see if there is some omen to guide me. Tonight my said the same as yours, “Be on the lookout for coming events; They cast their shadows beforehand! I’m in agreement with your interpretation and I hope that our purpose is brought into light:)

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