Day 210: How to Kill Time Effectively (Or, How I Rationalize Not Cleaning My House)

If you are anything like me, you have a million and one items on your To Do list: wash the clothes, vacuum the car, dust the basement, wash the floors, read Scarlet Letter, pay the bills, etc. The list is never-ending.  This morning, I awake with steadfast resolve.  This morning, I awake knowing that today I would cross everything off of my list.

7:30 AM I breathe deep and decide a cup of jo will be the right way to fuel my excitement and determination.  Yes, just a cup of coffee and I will be on my way.

7:35 AM Hmmm.  This coffee is so hot.  I’ll have to sip it.  I guess I could check out Facebook while I do.  Just a few minutes of perusing the posts of my friends.  I definitely need to see if anyone watched and posted about Big Brother After Dark.  Maybe they can fill me in on who is HOH this week.  I hope it’s Janelle.  Of course, I need to read all of the posts about weekend plans and ogle at some newly posted pictures.  Ah, isn’t that cute.  Kerry changed her profile pic.

8:35 AM Uh-OH.  A spent an hour on Facebook. I meant to get the basement cleaned before taking the girls to swim class.  I don’t think I have enough time.  I need to shower, but one more cup of coffee and a little Tetris won’t hurt.  I mean, really, I have only played 4,510 games in the last two years.  What’s three or four more two-minute games in the scheme of things?

9:12 AM  Damn, a good shower feels good!  Wash off the grime of sleep; no longer do I feel enervated.  Yes, it is time to take on the day and that ridiculously time-consuming list.

10:00 AM Okay, I have the Scarlet Letter right here with me.  The kids are in the pool for the next hour, I definitely can get twenty or more pages read and analyzed by the time they get out.  (Buzz– iPhone reminder)  Oh wait, I have three games of Dice With Buddies and five games of Words With Friends.  I’ll just attend to these first; it will only take a minute.

10:12 AM Jeez, is my email full.  I need to read some of my favorite bloggers that posted this morning.  It’s still reading, and I can read Scarlet Letter later, anyway.  I’m not going to end up teaching it until October– it would probably best if it was fresh in my head when I taught it, anyway.

11:21 AM  Okay, right after I get these kids fed, I am definitely going to get to that list.  I will throw in some laundry, wash the kitchen floor, change the bedding, and dust the basement.  Right after lunch, I am going to start crossing things off.

11:48 AM  “Please Mom!  Please!  It’s gonna be like 90 degrees today and we want to go to the pool.  Can’t you just take us for a little while?  Please!”  Oh, the little darlings.  The dog days of summer are coming to a close.  Certainly, I cannot deny them a trip to the pool.  It is so hot today, and a bit more exercise is a good thing.  I could swim, too.  I need exercise, too.  Why yes, I am making the right decision for all of us.  We need to get some natural Vitamin D while we get some exercise.

3:35 PM Okay, I am going to attack that list, I just need a little nap first.  The sun has a way of taking it out of me.  The girls begged and begged to stay, but I felt so drowsy, I needed to come home.  I just need a quick twenty-minute power nap, and I will be able to accomplish so much more; I will work twice as hard with a little rest.

4:45 PM  Yikes!  I didn’t expect to fall asleep.  Well, I guess my body needed it.  You know they say you need to listen to your body.  I try to do what I am supposed to do.  I listened.  Well, I can still get some of that list done, right?

4:48 PM All right, a load of laundry in.  I am on my way.  I just need to check if I can find any on-line printable coupons.  The kids need new school shoes and new gym shoes.  I need to see if Famous Footwear or Sketchers are offering any deals.  The girls and I were thinking about shoe shopping this week.

5:30 PM Door opens: “Honey, I’m home!  What’s for dinner?”

Gulp hard.  Oh crap!


11:30 PM Well, tomorrow I will wake and get that load of laundry into the dryer.  I will definitely attack that list tomorrow. It’s not like I intentionally want to kill time or anything.  Indubitably!


One thought on “Day 210: How to Kill Time Effectively (Or, How I Rationalize Not Cleaning My House)

  1. sounds to me that if you really wanted to be productive tomorrow, you’d put that iPhone in the washing machine with your first load. If Tom needs you he can call Carson’s phone. Holy justification of lazy-ass-ation Batman!!

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