Day 195: Out of the Mouths of Babes

Cute little Lizzie has been complaining about an earache for the last few days.  I tried over the counter drops and ibuprofen, but to no avail.  This morning, she was in tears when she woke up, and I finally felt that my momma medicine needed some professional assistance.  Thus, I called the doctor.

On our way to the office, the main road was under construction, down to one lane of traffic in each direction.  Traffic was backed up for over a mile.  I did not want to be late to the appointment, so I decided to cut through some neighborhoods to avoid some of the traffic.

Stopped at a Stop sign, about to turn left, Lizzie said, “Look Mommy.”  She was pointing at the police sign directly ahead of us.  “I wish we had that sign in the bathroom.  Maybe it wouldn’t smell so bad after dad went in there.”

Precocious?  Maybe.

Nonetheless, I think I may be heading to Target for an 8×10 and a frame.


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