Day 193: A Milestone Is Worth More Than Money (at least, that’s what I tell myself)

So, I don’t really understand WordPress time.  A WordPress day for me is from 8 PM until 8 PM.  I have a few hours left today.  The reason I mention this fact is because as of right now, I have received my most hits ever, and the day is not over!

I logged in after the girls’ swim lessons, as I do every morning, and I expected my hits to be somewhere between 40-80.  Even though I have well over a hundred followers via email and blog readers, I usually do not get a hundred hits in a day.  However today, my hits were already at 150!  I immediately texted Tom and told him the good news.  I am not joking, within ten minutes, I had five more hits, which made me feel a wee bit skeptical.

Could the love of my life be padding my stats?  When I looked at which posts were read, I had 90 hits on my homepage.  How hard would it be for my husband, bored at work, to keep typing in and upping my stats for me?  He knows how obsessive I am about reaching two hundred or more hits in a day, maybe he thinks helping me out will shut me up.

Although, the possibility exists that the stats are real.  I did have 41 singleton hits on various blogs, so I guess it is not unheard of to have every hit be a real hit.

For the seasoned blogger and the Freshly Pressed phenomenons of the blogging world, this number is probably a drop in the bucket.  Posh– I get 150 hits in the first hour, you are saying.  Oh and I believe it.  The blogs I loyally follow have over a hundred likes by the time I get to them, and usually, dozens of comments.

The most likes I have ever received on a blog: 11.

Nonetheless, I will not let my stats derail me from my task.  I am a writer.  I do not get paid to write.  I do not have an editor (although if you ask my friend Kylie, I need one– or at least an IEP for homonym errors).  Yet, I sit down for a couple of hours every day, and I write.

The best part about writing for me is the feedback.  I love when someone says I made them cry or I made them think.  The best compliment is when someone says that they laughed out loud.  I mean, I always knew I was funny, I can crack myself up all day long; yet, I never knew I could write funny.  I love making people laugh.

Secretly, I thought this blog would lead me down other paths as well.

  1. Once I realized what Freshly Pressed was, I thought for sure I would be on this page.  I have less than a half-year of the 366 posts left, and my hope for this feet is weaning.   Freshly Pressed:The best of 383,132 bloggers, 1,202,757 new posts, 1,457,832 comments, & 255,568,977 words posted today on  I just took these stats from the home page.  The chances of someone reading one of my amazing posts and thinking it more amazing than the other 383,132 bloggers is minute.
  2. I secretly hoped that editors scoured these pages and “discovered” writers.  I hoped for a surreptitious moment when an editor or writer or someone who knew someone would read something, and somehow, that someone would contact me and ask me to write for a magazine or on-line magazine or some other type of publication that offered some form of compensation other than likes, comments, and stats.

Today, I did not get Freshly Pressed and I did not get “discovered.” Nevertheless, I did accomplish a new milestone– most amount of hits in one day!  The greatest part of it is that the day is not over– how high can my stats go?

No matter what, I have discovered that I am not giving up on this daily blogging experience.  People are reading, and whether I am getting paid or not, I am happy that I am able to entertain, to provoke a conversation, to allow for someone to feel “oh me, too,” or at least, have a good laugh.


10 thoughts on “Day 193: A Milestone Is Worth More Than Money (at least, that’s what I tell myself)

  1. I know how you feel about stats. Just write like me. Because it is all you can do. P.S I only started in June and my record is 102 in a day. My average is around 40. Some days I get less than twenty. It’s okay though… Because it’s twenty people who (hopefully) read what I had to say. Nice blog post – who knows this could be the one!

  2. Nice post. Excited is good! One quick thought for you…..If you really are serious about catching an editor’s eye, volunteer at a local newspaper. Most local papers will gladly accept an offer to write a guest column on occasion. Take something with you to show them. Depends a lot on the size of the paper, but it works. I have done it several times. You won’t get paid, but its a start…..
    Especially good it you know the area and can write on many subjects…..

  3. There you go -I’m the 12th person liking this post, so you have a new record!
    You made me laugh in wry recognition: because I started my blog with zero expectations (I was basically just writing it for myself, to keep myself on the straight and narrow in terms of writing, to clarify some of my thoughts about writing and creativity etc.) So, when your expectations are zero, any reader, any comment is a bonus, right? And for a long time, I was really grateful for that. But of course then you do have a day with 125 hits (that was my record, a while ago) and after than anything less seems…. disappointing.
    Which is stupid really. Because I would keep on writing even if no one was looking.

  4. I have a love-hate relationship with stats. My best day is 79 views but I am happy with that right now. What I try to focus on is “month” views and see that it significantly goes up each month. I am glad I am not the only one obsessed and who calls her significant other with stay milestone updates! I am happy to provide you with at least one legitimate view a day. Keep writing!!

  5. Well i have been playing blog catch up today so have added around half a dozen views and likes so I may as well add a comments aswell, keep up the good work

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