Day 178: My Slump Buster

Hey, now!  Get your mind out of the gutter!

As is with life, I am in the clean-up position, and people expect me to hit.  There is no time for a mom to get into a slump, to stare down a good pitch, to get benched.  Yet, this is what I feel like has been happening.  I have been in a slump.  Maybe it’s the intellectual, adult-time that has been lacking in my life; maybe it’s the lack of a set-schedule.  Whatever the cause, I have been struggling to stay awake for sixteen hours in a day.  I have been struggling to find motivation to implement all of the self-improvement that I planned on accomplishing this summer.  If I was keeping stats, I would be batting .142.  No one wants their clean–up batter to be in a  drought.  It is time to get out of my slump and start hitting like a winner again.

It’s time for a slump buster.

Today, I took matters into my own hands.  I joined a gym.  It was a spur of the moment decision.  I was driving by on my way to pick up some groceries, and my car just kind of veered into the parking lot.  I was walking through the double-doors getting a blast of air-conditioning before I really had time to process what I was doing.  I took a look-see around, and half an hour later, I was signing a year contract and handing over my credit card information.  It’s a bit more costly than what I want to spend, but it offers aerobic classes, and I enjoy the hour-long, everyone-is-watching-don’t-quit-now-provocation that an instructor and fellow exercise enthusiasts have to offer.  It is also a workout facility for women only.  Hence, no one is going to be looking at my derriere when I am doing leg curls, if you know what I mean.

By joining this gym, I am hoping for a myriad of results.

  1. To get into shape.  (I want to say better shape, but to be honest, I am in pretty lousy shape.  I used to be athletic, and I hope to recapture some of that magic from my youth.  I do know that when I consistently workout, I achieve visible results.  You would think that looking better, feeling stronger, and receiving compliments would have gotten me off my doopa before today.  Nope.  Hopefully, having a sum of money automatically withdrawn from my checking account each month will be.)
  2. To activate some endorphins so that I can stay awake– I need more energy.
  3. To help alleviate my ongoing struggle with stress– exercise lowers blood pressure, too, you know.
  4. To interact with adults– people who do not consider Victorious and A.N.T. Farm quality television.

It is time to get that batting average back up.  I may have to bunt for a day or two, but don’t you worry, I will be swinging for the fences in no time.  When the ducks are on the pond, it will happen.  The third base coach will be waving them home, and I will be batting .400 again!


One thought on “Day 178: My Slump Buster

  1. Good for you! I have never been a member of a gym. I have always worried about people watching me exercise. I think that money coming out of your account would be pretty good motivation!

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