Day 175: The West Side Market: Cleveland, Ohio

The West Side Market is a Cleveland treasure.  It is the oldest farmers market in Ohio, and over the course of the last 150 years, it has grown to become more than just a place to buy fruits and vegetables.  Whatever fresh foods your heart desires can be found in the two buildings at the corner of w 25th and Lorain, in the heart of Ohio City.  Meats, fish, stuffed olives, perogies, bread, bakery, and so much more are waiting to be purchased.  And with over one hundred vendors gathered, you are guaranteed you are going to get a good deal.

In a year where I am trying to purchase less processed foods for my family to eat, taking a weekly trip to the West Side Market seems like a must.  Just walking up to the building, I feel excited about what kind of deals I am going to find in doors.

The building was built in the early 1900s. The architecture is striking– nothing like the throw it up, everything looks the same, prefab buildings that are erected today.

Today, we were on a hunt for Golden Delicious Apples. We found a stand selling them for $1.25 a pound.

The girls were enticed by the candied apples.

Smokies! An indulgence for sure, but they are so yummy. I bought jalapeno smokies, too.

If I knew how to clean fish, I might have been tempted by these beauties.

The colors are so rich, it makes my mouth water.

One of the qualities I like the most is that there are people from all walks of life, all nationalities, and all races commingling in one place.  No one judges.  No one gauks.  No one pays attention to differences.   The spirit and friendliness of vendors and customers alike makes every shopping experience enjoyable.

I bought a three-pound London Broil from Wencek’s Meats. Who’s hungry?

Truly the West Side Market is a Cleveland landmark.  It is just one of the many attractions that makes this city great.

I walk the same aisles that my grandmother walked in the 1950s.  I walk the same aisles that my mother walked in the 1970s.

We are eating more healthy, and we are supporting the small businessman.  Hopefully, my children will someday understand how crucial a place like this is– the vendors work hard to provide a superior product at a good price, all the while, they are working for themselves, fulfilling their own American dreams.


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