Day 147: Damn, I look good!

As it may be for anyone who works in a large building, there are certain places and rooms that I never seem to visit.  My classroom is on the second floor, and everything I need is 100 feet from this room.  Half the time, I forget we even have a downstairs, and someone has to get my mail because I forget to go to the main office for days on end.

However, today I was downstairs near the math/science workroom when I realized I needed to use the restroom.  We have our own staff restroom upstairs, so I never use the one on the main floor.

After I used the facilities and washed my hands, I noticed a full-length mirror on the wall.  As a rule, I avoid full length mirrors because I am pretty much disgusted at my 42-year-old-I-have-had-three-children-and-I-do-not-have-time-to-exercise-enough-and-they’re-not-kidding-that-your-metabolism-changes-after-40 body.  Upstairs, we only have the friendly over-the-sink mirror, one in which you cannot see yourself below the waist.  Needlesstosay, as I passed the full length mirror, for whatever reason (self-loathing, maybe?), I was compelled to take a glimpse of myself.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

I looked fabulous!  I looked like my 25-year-old-I-workout-five-days-a-week-because-what-else-do-I-have-to-do-but-look-good-and-take-care-of-myself body.

Had I known that the mirror is one of those trick mirrors, the one that is hanging at such a slight angle that it distorts your body and actually makes you look 30 pounds thinner, I would have visited this restroom sooner.

I looked good– straight on, sideways– even looking at my ass over my shoulder looked good.  For a moment, I stood a little taller, and I felt a little better about myself.

“You look good,” I said out loud.  I wanted to make sure that I heard it.  You know, they say a compliment goes along way.

(Don’t worry, no one else was in the restroom.)

I was so elated that I wanted to take a picture to prove how good I looked.  I looked for my phone in my book bag, then I realized that I had left it on my desk.  To be honest, it was for the best.  I had a stain on my shirt from the mustard that oozed out of my sandwich at lunch, my eye make-up was disheveled from laughing so hard this morning, and my hair looked like I didn’t even try this morning (humidity will do that).

Thus, to prove it, I drew you a picture.

Sorry, boys.  This hottie is spoken for.

“I’m sexy and I know it!”


8 thoughts on “Day 147: Damn, I look good!

  1. hahaha!!! love this!!! “42-year-old-I-have-had-three-children-and-I-do-not-have-time-to-exercise-enough-and-their-not-kidding-that-your-metabolism-changes-after-40 body.” perfect! although I’d change the number of kids by adding 2 and the drop the age by 10 😉 and who doesn’t love the mirror hanging at a slight angle?! (as long as it’s down and not up… up is bad!)

  2. hello, i stumbled onto your blog in a way that im not even sure about, through the twists and turns of the lovely interweb im sure of,

    i loved this post. it makes me elated that there is a possibility of looking in the mirror and saying: i love myself.

    congrats on the day!

  3. For future reference, the mirror in the ladies room is a good one! It’s only problem is it reminds me to pluck my eye brows!

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