Day 144: Oh, It’s On!

Some people think I am crazy, but I think that there is nothing better than sitting in right field on a 90 degree day.  It’s baseball, People!

America’s pastime.  From the singing of the National Anthem to the last crack of the bat, I am a part of something.

We are fanatics cheering on our winning team.  Of course, the hot pretzels, the cold beer, and the hot dogs don’t hurt the experience.

For my children, the best part of the game is the Hot Dog race in the middle of the fifth inning.  Three summers ago, Tom went to the Team Shop during a lull in the game, and he bought three Hot Dog plush toys. (Growing up, we called them stuffed animals, but someone realized that they were stuffing a lot more than animals, so they changed the name.)   When he returned to the seat, he held them out.  The sun was shining perfectly that day, the planets were aligned– each girl reached for a different hot dog.  Hallelujah!  Carson claimed Ketchup as her favorite.  Maggie chose Onion for her sass.  Lizzie picked Mustard because at the time, yellow was her favorite color.  It was awesome!

We try to take the kids to three or four games a season, and upon walking through the gates, the conversation immediately turns to the Hot Dog race.

“Ketchup is totally going to win,” Carson starts in.

“Onion has a purse.  She is gonna whack Ketchup and make him fall down.”  Maggie must picture this in her mind because she begins to laugh uncontrollably.

“You’re both wrong, Mustard is the best!”  Lizzie is always ready to throw down with her sisters.

If we happen to run into a mascot or two in the concourse, the feud stops.  Everyone wants a hug and a picture.

Onion is so demure.

Mustard is more of a rascal.

Once we get to our seats, they wait.  Each girl anticipates rubbing the win into her sisters’ faces.  In the meantime, we watch the game.

Bases loaded; pitcher’s nightmare. Bases loaded; batter’s dream.

The Indians help build the anticipation.  They offer the crowd the ability to text who you think will win the race.  Yesterday, like all days, Ketchup was in the lead.   If you ask me, it’s fixed.  Ketchup is always in the lead every season.  Wait!  Maybe it’s not fixed.  Maybe Ketchup is using steroids.  Oh sweet baby Jesus, I hope there is not going to be a scandal and Congressional hearings over this one!

Finally, it is time.  What they have been waiting for.  The race begins.   “Oh, it’s on,” Maggie yells.   They cheer louder for their respective hot dog than they do during the entire game.

And there off! It’s almost as exciting as the Kentucky Derby.

Mustard has a definite lead down the first base line.

Oh look at that! Slider tripped up Mustard and Ketchup.

Mustard was still willing to congratulate Onion on a job well done!

Onion won, and Maggie was the first to gloat in the 2012 season.

No matter, we were all winners.  Tribe beat the Royals 8-5!



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