Day 137: It’s No Accident I Saw You Again

Through mathematical probability one would guess
that two lives existing less than a two-mile radius from each other
coexisting in the same spacial areas of shopping
would, in theory, cross paths.

Yet, fate intervenes, and sometimes
the handwriting on the wall says something
different from what I expect.
People are kept out of my life for a reason
I may never know or truly comprehend.

But yesterday, turning off of Ridge Road
onto I480 East–  I saw you (of all people)
In a red t-shirt and white shorts–
running by me you did not see me,
but I saw you.

The Moirae have forced our paths to cross yet again,
Though you may not be aware of it the way I am.

Today your name came up in conversation.

I am convinced that certain people are destined to be in my life
Even though it might just be in moments, in bursts of light.

Call it karma

Call it providence

Call it our predetermined course

Whatever the reason, there you are
to remind me of goodness
to remind me of strength
to remind me that benevolence exists in the world.


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