Day 136: Everyone Needs a Catch Phrase

So, everyone has a phrase that is all theirs.  Sometimes, it is the tag line from a movie or a television show, but to the people who know and love that person, it turns into his catch phrase.

Personally, I stole my phrase from “The Bachelor: Season 3.”  In this shocking season, 25 young women vied for the heart of none other than Andrew Firestone.  My favorite character that season was Tina Fabulous.  Yes, I said character.  From my understanding, many of the dates are scripted, and I have to think a girl could reinvent herself into any person she wants to be.  Anyway, Tina described herself as fabulous and it stuck.  Something about her personality was appealing, and I liked the way people responded to her.

Soon after that season,  no matter where I was– at work, out with friends, on the telephone– if someone asked me, “How are you?”  I resonded,  “I’m fabulous!”   It did not matter how I was really feeling, I said fabulous.  The crazy thing is I found that people really reacted positively to my emphatic self-assurance.  I found that people seemed to smile more, and somehow, I felt that I lightened their moods.

Recently, I was walking by a few students in the hall and they asked me how I was.

“Fabulous!”  I smiled at them and continued on my way.

I heard one girl say, “Ya gotta love her; she’s always happy.”

Another student responded, “No, you love her because she is fabulous!”

I smiled to myself.  Fabulous is definitely a catch phrase I want to use.


On a related note, Lizzie, our youngest, started her own version of a catch phrase about a month ago.   One afternoon, she was begging to go to Target to spend her Tooth Fairy money in the dollar aisle.

“We’ll see.  One day this week,” I told her.  She was not happy with this response.

“If you don’t take me soon,” she said looking me directly in the eyes, “you’re gonna owe me twenty bucks.”

I was a little taken aback.   “Twenty bucks?” I questioned.

“Yep,” she crossed her arms and nodded her head.  “Twenty bucks,” and then she giggled.

She thought it was so funny, she started saying it about everything.

“If you don’t get me a popsicle, you’re gonna owe me twenty bucks!”

“If you don’t put me to bed, you’re gonna owe me twenty bucks.”

“If you don’t pour me chocolate milk….”  
“I know, I know, I’m gonna owe you twenty bucks.”
“Twenty bucks!”

Last week we went out to dinner.  Everyone was silent perusing the menu.  Before Lizzie could say anything, Tom said, “Lizzie, you better get chicken fingers or you’re gonna owe me twenty bucks!”

I laughed.

Lizzie glared at Tom.  She placed her menu down on the table.  With a very controlled, direct movement, she picked up her hand and pointed her finger at him.  “Hey, that’s my line.  Get your own catch phrase!”

Like I said, everyone needs a catch phrase.  Lizzie has declared this phrase her own!

“You’re gonna owe me twenty bucks!”


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