Day 129: Harriet and Featherstone

 Hello.  My name is Featherstone.  My life is a simple one.  I watch over the flowers and take care of the butterflies.  I share this duty with my love, Harriet.  She stays near the azalea bush because she says it compliments her color.  I must admit, the purple flowers do make her seem more cheerful and confident.

Harriet and I came here last summer.  We left our colony so that we could nest together.   It is peaceful and serene.  Harriet and I just sit and chat the day away.  Sometimes, bees bother us, but they don’t stay for too long.

Harriet and I are both Capricorns.  I think we are compatible.  She is very social, and I too, enjoy being around people.  Harriet loves summer the most because the neighborhood kids come out to play.  They ride bikes, do cartwheels, and play tag.   Harriet likes the kids because they don’t know how to worry yet.

When the kids play hide and seek, I play, too.  I have this special hiding place behind the bush, and many times, they don’t find me, I hide so well.  Harriet doesn’t like to play; she just wants to observe.  You see, I think the kids have a special place in Harriet’s heart, and what she is really doing is watching over them.   I joke with her that she should have been a hen, acting the way she does.  I joke, but I admire her– the love and sincerity she feels for these kids makes me think she wants some kids of her own someday.  We haven’t talked about little ones, yet, but I would like that as well.

This is the day Harriet decided we needed to sing to our flowers. I wanted to sing “Common People” by Bill Shatner and Ben Folds, but Harriet said that it was completely inappropriate! She decided on “Sweet Child o’ Mine”– not the G&R version, the Taken by Trees version. I must admit, Harriet was right.

In the evenings, when everyone goes inside and the flowers are ready for bed, Harriet and I like to spend some time together.  Sometimes we recap the day. Sometimes we just cuddle.  You see, Harriet is the love of my life.  She makes me better.  Before Harriet, I would see other flamingoes nuzzled together, and I wondered what it would feel like to be in love.  I don’t wonder anymore.

Harriet makes me want to live life.  She pays attention to me, even when I am not talking.  Yesterday, She told me that the way I have been caring for the petunias has really helped them to grow.  She noticed that I stopped babying them.  I didn’t have to tell her that I was trying to encourage their maturity, she recognized my efforts.

I never thought I could be this happy.   I love Harriet.  She is my best friend.

When we kiss, it’s like we are showing the world our unified heart.


One thought on “Day 129: Harriet and Featherstone

  1. You definitely are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. By the way, if more flamingos show up in our yard I am buying a shot gun.

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