Day 124: Working on My Bucket List

Oh It’s Coming– And This Is How I Know:

10. When watching television, the sight of people eating makes me nauseous.
9. A slight stomach ache.
8. Watching the Real Housewives of Orange County sip wine makes me nauseous.
7. Linus jumping on the bed makes me nauseous.
6. Gurgles in my stomach.
5. Gurgles in my intestines.
4. I cannot fall asleep.
3. The stomach ache now feels like pins, needles, and daggers in my abdomen.
2. Praying to God for it to pass so I can just go to work tomorrow.  I just want to go to work.
1. Watery-mouth.

Four out of the five of us have gotten this stomach bug this week.  Can Lizzie avoid it?  Only time will tell!

Oh yeah, and Bucket List Item # 2: Get a second bathroom!


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