Day 111: When I Grow Up, I Want to Be More Like Dave Hill

Tell me you know Dave Hill?  It’s 2012, is it possible you don’t know Dave Hill?  Okay, okay.  I guess it is possible, but you should know him.  You should want to know him.  You need to know him, trust me.  He is a 43-year-old comic, writer, actor, and musician.  He has been spending a great deal of time in the realm of comedy, lately.  To call him crass would be accurate; he is so blatantly crass that it makes his humor paradoxically refined.  Yes, you need to look him up– watch him on YouTube, subscribe to his Twitter, buy his book.  He will make you smile.

Why do I know Dave Hill?  He was my Junior Prom date.  What was so appealing about Dave Hill in my youth was his eclectic view of life.  He looked at reality in such a distorted way that he took pragmatism and propriety and tossed them right out the window.  He made me laugh, and at one point when we were young, we were good friends.

We stayed in contact through his college years and for a little while thereafter.  His band, The Sons of Elvis, actually played a set at my parent’s bar somewhere around 1995, a claim to fame for our wee little local drinkery.

The last time I saw Dave was in the summer of 1997. I was taking graduate classes at John Carroll and he happened to be at the coffee shop I frequented when studying. We chit-chatted about the last few years and talked about our immediate futures. He was moving back to New York.  I was getting married and settling down.  Our paths diverged, but I knew somehow I would see Dave again.  (This was before Facebook and Twitter.)

Thus, I was super excited when I rediscovered Dave about six years ago.  I saw an advertisement for the King of Miami, and I was blown away.  My friend Dave Hill, the boy I used to love to hang out with and talk about music and literature, here he was on his own television show.   Of course, I jumped to Google, found YouTube videos, and fell off my chair laughing once again.

What is so appealing to me about Dave is that he doesn’t make excuses for who he is or what he says.  He relishes in his off-kilter sense of humor and his quirky exterior persona.  He says what he thinks and he makes no apologies: rough, rude, arrogant, off-color– decorum is not really his concern.  He makes himself laugh, and when we laugh as well, well then all the better!

As I girl trying to find a voice, I am jealous of this ability.  I do not have the balls to push the limits as he does, and when I do, I get called on the carpet.  Twice in the last month I have written something to be funny, and each time, I have been misinterpreted.  I want to be like Dave.  I want to stare into the face of propriety and give it the finger.  I want to say something so offensive that people wince, but ultimately, they see it for what it is– a joke.

I don’t know if I will ever get away with it.  Thank God Dave Hill does.  As I said, if you don’t know him, make it a priority.  I think I once read somewhere that laughter keeps you free from disease– Dave will keep you laughing!


(By the way, I mentioned his book– it will not be released until late May of this year.  It is titled– Tasteful Nudes… and Other Misguided Attempts at Personal Growth and Validation)


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