Day 81: Spring Break

I thought Spring Break was going to mean rest.  The word “break” is in the title.   Does that not mean a break to do what you want– sleep in, drink coffee, read, watch morning talk shows?  I thought my life was going to be about lounging this week, about sprawling across the bed and enjoying feeling small in its expansiveness, just the two of us.

Cheryl had other plans.  Each morning she has woken up to take the girls to school.  She is giving Tom a break from the hustle and bustle of the morning rush.  He only needs to worry about getting himself out the door.  I love that I get to go with her to drop the girls off.   Mornings usually mean being confined to my crate.  I don’t mind it, I don’t do well with having the house to myself.  I get so anxious when they do not put me in my crate that I usually poop and pee in the house.  I feel so guilty.  I am not like those other dogs who just pass out until their family gets home.  I am the type that paces and worries.

For the last two mornings, I have been the first one out the door and into the car.  I get the third seat all to myself.  It’s such a short drive– past the dance studio, the dry cleaner, the pizza shop, the bowling alley.   I know all of the landmarks by heart.   I still like to drive in the car and see them.   I also like to watch the girls get out of the van and greet their friends.  The ease at which they manipulate their days makes me a little jealous.  If I were human, I would want to be friends with these girls, my sisters.

When we get home, I immediately run into the house and through the kitchen.  I stop at the base of the stairs and wag my tail, staring up.  She knows this means I want her to come with me and sprawl out.  Sleeping is so important to both of us, and I think she should sleep on her break.  Yesterday, she indulged me.  On the way up the steps, she said, “Just for a few minutes, Boy.”  She touched my head.  “A little Matt Lauer and then we have to get cracking.  Spring Break means Spring cleaning!”  Two hours later, she started her day.   I watched her from the comforts of our bed.   Cleaning is tough business.  She bends and straightens and washes and dusts.  I watch.

Today, She did not indulge me in a nap, but she did give me an hour before she started.  She drank coffee and read a book.  I lay pressed against her, breathing in the fresh clean scent of Murphy’s Oil Soap, happy to be by her side.  She only read for a little while.  Once she started working, I stayed close to her.  I sat outside Carson’s room, then when she moved into the girls’ room, I slept on Maggie’s bed.  At one point, she thought it was funny to put all of the stuffed animals around me.  “Where’s Linus?” she laughed.  I have seen those  Where’s Waldo books.  I don’t think I was that difficult to find.

I am her constant companion.   Every time she looked at me today, she said, “I love you.”  I wagged my tail in response.   I think she knows how much I love her.  Not another person alive means more to me than she does.  She is my best friend.

I don’t know what she has planned for us for the rest of the week.  I cannot wait.  Just the two of us.  Spring Break.


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