Day 54: Happy Leap Day

Frankly, I find history fascinating.   Our lives are affected by everything and everyone who has come before us.  Every law, every decision, every accident, every intent– they all have culminated and created the reality in which we now live.

Case in point– Julius Caesar.  In 45 BC, Julius Caesar decided that the Roman Calendar was far too complicated and too open for interpretation.  He had the insight to realize that something consistent needed to be put into place so that people would know what to expect year to year.   Julius Caesar consulted advisors and they designed the twelve month Julian calendar.  They determined that to successfully have a consistent calendar, a day needed to be added every fourth year to compensate for the fact that a year was a few hours more than 365 days in length.

We can thank the great Roman Dictator Julius Caesar for February 29th.

What I don’t understand is why we don’t celebrate it.  In the materialistic, Hallmark holiday kind of society in which we live, how did no one decide to capitalize on this idea?  We celebrate almost everything.  When I look at my kitchen calendar, dates are marked off for Grandparent’s Day, Secretary’s Day, Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, Pet Owner’s day, National Friendship Day, etc.  We, in our feel good every-one-gets-a-trophy society, celebrate everyone and everything.  Everyone is made to feel special at least once a year.

I think we should celebrate Leap Day.  It should be a holiday, and when I say holiday, I mean a real holiday— a school’s canceled, the post office is closed, and  no one goes to work kind of holiday.

In the spirit, everyone gets a gift.  To figure out the gift you receive, the gift-giver would take your birthday and divide by four, and then buy something age appropriate.  Thus, I would receive a gift appropriate for a ten and a half-year old.  No one wants to grow old, and this holiday will insure we stay young at heart.

Secondly, we need to get together with our family and friends and share a lavish meal.  We need to establish a Leap tradition like other holidays.  At Thanksgiving we eat turkey and cranberries; on New Year’s Day we feast on pork; St Patty’s Day revelers dine on corn beef.  Leap year should be something non-denominational and appealing to all.  The Leap Day tradition will be Breakfast for Dinner!  Everyone can find some type of breakfast food that fits their religious need, dietary need, allergic need.  Thus, it can be a smorgasbord of breakfast goodies: omelets, pancakes, waffles, and bacon; cereal, french toast sticks, cinnamon rolls, and Quiche.  Something for everyone!

Lastly, to round out the day, we will watch parades and sports.  Every major city will host a parade.  Sports enthusiasts will look forward to a Leap Year Nascar race and NBA basketball games.  In Leap Year the Daytona 500 will be postponed to Leap Day.  Similarly,  just like the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys always play on Thanksgiving, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Oklahoma City Thunder will always play Leap Day games  (gotta help the smaller markets in Leap Year).

It will be better than Fesitvas for the Rest-of-Us!

Write your Representatives; lobby your Senators.

Let the Leap Day festivities commence!


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