Day 52: Laundry

The bane of my existence?  Laundry.

We had a wonderful two days away, and I really didn’t give “the real world” a second thought.  I didn’t think about dishes or dust, vacuuming or scrubbing toilets.  For two days, I had my needs catered to in every way.  When I needed another towel, I took one.  When I left my room, someone came in and straightened it up.  I felt like… well, I felt like my children probably do every day of the week.  As much as I hate to admit it, my children are pretty pampered.  I take full fault.  I have a Type A personality, and they just are not able to clean to my standards.  The younger ones are in charge of making their beds, keeping their rooms neat, and picking up toys.  Carson has begun to help more, but sometimes, I have to re-vaccuum or re-wash the bathtub walls.  She apparently doesn’t see the dirt that I see.

Before we left, I made sure we straightened the house.  The dishes were in the dishwasher and the table was free of clutter.  The beds were made and the carpets were vacuumed.  The laundry was done and put away.

When we walked into the house, it looked good.  The sun beamed through the window above the sink. I felt rather refreshed.  Well, that is until Tom started bringing in the bags.  We packed three pretty large pieces of luggage even though it was a very quick trip away.  Why?  Because I am an overpacker.   The girls were told to pack outfits.  Why did I not say throw a few t-shirts and a pair of shorts in the bag?  Why did they pack special outfits to wear to drive home?  Two swimsuits each?  Two pairs of pajamas each?

Tom and I were no better.  Tom and I filled the same suitcase we used for an entire week at Disney last August.  Tom will blame it on the bulkiness of winter clothes (which we did not need because we never left the hotel).   I will blame it on the necessities of beauty: creams, lotions, make-up, hair products, and hair equipment.  Of course, I barely used any of it.  We were in the water park all day and by the time we were done swimming, I was too tired to care what I looked like.  I decided to go O Natural, even though I had four beauty bags full of supplies.

This morning, the neatly packed suitcases were in disarray: clean mixed with dirty mixed with damp.  I had every intention of keeping a separate bag just for the clothes not worn, but as the kids gathered their belongings, every bag started to fill with dirty clothes.

Tonight?  Well in a perfect world, I would be curling up with a good book.  Instead, it will be about laundry.

Next time?  Hopefully, I will remember and pack light.


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