Day 35: Taxi!

As my children have gotten older and their activities have increased exponentially, I have come to realize that being a parent is equivalent to being a taxi-service.  As a child, I never gave much thought about how I got from point A to point B.    Piano lessons, cheerleading practice, girlfriends’  houses, the mall– anywhere I needed or wanted to go, I always had a ride.

It is part of the job.  There is always something going on.  Many evenings, more than one of the girls has somewhere to be, and it turns into an elaborate drop off/pick up system.  It’s like a game, trying to figure out how to get them fed, when to get their homework completed, and how to get each girl where she needs to go on-time.  Dance classes.  Daisy Scouts. Basketball practice.  Guitar lessons.  Friends’  houses.  Birthday parties.  We have a calendar on the wall, and at times, I feel like Tom and I are maneuvering the girls through some magical labyrinth of childhood activities.

Tonight, Maggie is going to a birthday party.  I literally had to leave work, rush home, change clothes, blog, wrap a present, feed the dog– all to throw the girls in the car so I can get Maggie to the Strongsville Rec by 5:30.  On days like today, I yammer about how I don’t feel like I have even one second to breathe.  Exasperated, I look around.  The laundry is piling up.  The house needs cleaning.  The satires in my book bag need grading.  Stress becomes paramount, and I think, “When will I get it all done?”

However, it does all get done, eventually.  Does it matter if it all gets done when I think it should?  No.  What really matters to me is that the girls have a fulfilling childhood.  Thus, when I complain, I hope no one listens.  I really do love the bustle of activity and the joy it brings the girls.

In the not too distant future, they won’t need me in this manner any longer.  I better enjoy every second of their company while I can– even if, at times, it feels like it is just in Mom’s taxi.


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