Day 17: Say it in a Letter

I love writing letters. Today, I wrote this letter of request:

January 23, 2012

Dear Mr. Coca-Cola Delivery Man:

May I start off by extending my sincere gratitude to you for providing our staff and students with satisfying and thirst quenching beverages.  Twisting off the cap of a bottle always brings the air-tight freshness of bubbles and fizz.  No wonder that in the 70s so many people wanted to buy the world a Coke.  It truly is the real thing!

Secondly, I would like to thank you for delivering to the 900 workroom regularly.  You are not aware of this, but we had problems getting the last delivery service provider (i.e. the Pepsi man) to come to the back of the building and deliver us soda.  We would go weeks at a time without different types of pop in our machine.  It was disastrous.  Not only would my colleagues be deprived of their favorite beverage, but Pepsi themselves lost business.  But you, Sir, you deliver regularly, and it is a delight to know anytime I put my dollar bill into the machine, a cold refreshing beverage is waiting for me.

We do have two small requests.  First, the advertisement on our machine is for Coke Zero, yet we do not have Coke Zero in the machine.  Would it be possible to take out one of the lesser bought beverages– say the Iced Tea– and replace it with Coke Zero?  Secondly, although Ginger Ale is delightful liquid refreshment for pregnant women, the elderly, and the infirmed, I do believe that my colleagues would much prefer Sprite.  The lemon-lime flavor is so refreshing, and for those trying to avoid caffeinated beverages, I think they would much prefer Sprite over Ginger Ale.

Lastly, thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter.  I think I can speak for the entire 900 Workroom when I say that your products keep us hydrated and help us do our jobs better.

Thank you,

Cheryl  Huffer


4 thoughts on “Day 17: Say it in a Letter

  1. I am one of those who would opt for the iced tea before a Coke Zero. Dont deprive me of “mines” just so you can “gets yours”. However, it is unspeakable that a Coke machine doesn’t contain Sprite– that truly is disastrous Mrs. Huffer!! Disastrous indeed!!

  2. I put in my $1.10 for a coke this evening and received a half empty bottle from the machine. Pleas reference your previous post on disappointment :o)

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