Day 12: Occupy Internet

Tell Congress: Please don't censor the web!

So , sometimes I get so busy with life that I stop paying attention to what is going on in the world.  It is midterm week, which means that the week leading up to midterms, I just kind of lose my place in society and I focus solely on my family, myself, and English 10 and 12.  I get in the zone.

Focused.  So focused that it took me over a day to realize an Italian cruise ship sank.  So focused that for the last few days when I have heard snippets about Pipa and Sopa, I wonder why everyone is so fascinated with Kate Middleton’s sister, and if Sopa is a distant cousin.  Man, who names these chicks?

Then today, I logged on the Internet and there it was.  Or should I say, there it wasn’t.  What happened to Google’s name?  I did some snooping around, a little Google searching, and my brain started playing connect the dots. SOPA and PIPA are not party girls in their twenties!  They are legislative acts that can really change the way the Internet works.

It is not just Google who is trying to make us Americans aware of how catastrophic it could be for us all if these bills pass.

Wikipedia: dark.

Reddit: dark.

Facebook and Twitter: seething with protests.

It is as if all these people who work at all these sites have banded together and they are standing at the corner of Internet Street– Occupying it, that is.

I do not have any bias for or against the issues.  I see both sides.  Pirating someone else’s work and making money off of it is wrong.  Shutting down websites because of allegations of piracy doesn’t seem right either.  However, from what I can see, the politicians need to try not to be so political and do their jobs.  They need to write a bill that actually will work in the best interest of all Americans.

As is, if this monstrous visage sees the light of day, surely Facebook will shut down!  Considering the amount of uploads that people post a day– I cannot believe they are all legal.  Will they have to shut down all email carriers, too?  Gmail.  Hotmail.  Yahoo mail. I am sure someone somewhere is sending a pirated attachment.  And then what?

How far will this go?  Frankly, we may have to start policing the people we know.  I for one do believe this summer I may have to make a citizen’s arrest on that sax player who stands outside of Progressive Field and makes money off of playing music.  Those aren’t his original songs he plays.  Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen need a cut!


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